Wife's Accidental Fantasy

While having dinner at a restaurant with my wife, a white middle aged woman came in with two young black guys. My wife commented that she bet that woman was having a hot time tonight. I grinned and asked if she would like that. She giggled and said, "What woman would not". Later doing some grocer shopping, two young black guys were loading my groceries and I just casually ask if they had ever had s** with a white married woman. They grinned and said not but would like that. I asked how much they made in a day at the supermarket. Up to $50 the said. I said I would give them $100 each if they would seduce my wife. They looked at each other and grinned and agreed.
I took them home, introduced them to my wife and reminded her of what she had said and that they were here to make her happy. She giggled and took them to our bedroom. Door was open and I sat and watched as they undressed and as she laid in the middle of the bed, the two young guys crawled into bed with her, their co**s hard and upright. The youngest was first and lasted about 5 strokes. The older one did her good and soon both of them were moaning and then stiffened and then relaxed laying there.
I went into the living room and waited. Later the guys came out and I paid them and asked of they wanted to come back without the money, just the s**. They both agreed. That is how it started.

Nov 9, 2020

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  • Wish my wife would do this too. You are one lucky man. :)

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