Feeling awkward

I was partying with some friends the other night and ended up in the hot tub, We have been friends forever and I have been divorced for 5 years. Me and her have NEVER done anything sexual outside of some drunk b*** grabbing or butt smacking and that night was the same.
Being I live in the next town over since my divorce I either stay at their place or her at mine when we get together and end up drinking which is every time but we had been drinking with friends and everyone left but we were still having a few, She suggested a hot tub and I told her I hadn't brought a swimsuit, She laughed and said "So...?", They have a separate hot tub room in the basement which is actually set up kind of cool and they did it in the basement since they prefer to tub nude which is whatever.
Her husband had gone to bed so it was just me and her and we had been drinking pretty much all day so I decided s**** it, We fired up the tub and stripped down to our underwear and crawled in. So there we are sitting in the hot tub giggling and thought we were being quiet when the door to the hot tub room opened up and there was her husband, I have known him for over 17 years since the night they met and I would consider him a friend, We have hung out just the two of us and drank together, We did a two day road trip 3 years ago just the two of us and have traveled to resort destinations and such many times with both of them when I was married and since I have been single so needless to say me and him are about as close as you could be to a friends husband and still there is no sexual tension.
As soon as the door opened I slid down making sure my b**** were under the water but he opened the door and stepped into the room, He looked at both of us and whispered "Boy you guys are loud" and we both giggled and apologized but then she said "Wait, What difference does it make, The kids aren't even here" (Both of their kids were having sleepovers at friends places), He stopped and looked confused for a minute and then said "Oh yeah" and we all giggled, My friend looked at her husband standing there in his sweats and said "Coming in?" and my heart stopped. I had no top on and never once has he ever seen my b****, It has just never happened and I don't usually show them off except for some cleavage but there is very large difference between hers and my upper bodies (I am quite top heavy).
He said "Nah" and kind of drunkenly waved his hand at his sweats and then at me and she said "just take them off" and he said "um...I don't have anything under them", Normally that would have been the end of it but I think since she was drunk and we were totally in just that drunk having fun stage she said "Ooohhh noooo, Pfffft, trust me she has seen her share of wieners" which made us all burst out laughing.
He looked at me and shrugged and I just shrugged back, Me and her have like I said both known him the same length of time and we were room mates when they met so of course when we were younger and they were still kind of new she told me stuff, A week after they met I asked one night if she was withholding info from me and she blushed saying "um...No...I haven't...Yet" and when I asked why she said "Uh...I'm scared" and explained that they had shared a bed and she was going to until she reached down and grabbed a hold of it realizing as she put it "It is a monster, And now I am scared" so she obviously told me all about it that night and so I have always known he is big but WOW. Like she so graciously blurted out I have seen my share and I have seen a couple big ones, My ex was large and I always figured he probably didn't have too much over him but was completely shocked.
He dropped his sweats and I was going to pretend not to look but when I caught a glimpse of it I forgot to not look and My eyes were wide open and probably had my mouth open, He stood looking down and she looked at me then she started laughing, I shook my head and said "Oh god, I am sorry" and finally looked away, He got into the hot tub and there was an awkward conversation where she brought up my reaction and i tried to avoid it but finally just said "I am so sorry but...you have a huge d***" and we all laughed, I don't really remember much after that, I remember him showing it a couple times and somehow I got talked into not hiding my b**** because I remember sitting on the edge of the hot tub and there were some shots and some spillage and some touching between me and her and.............!!!
I don't remember going to bed but i remember some parts, I remember being woken up by an overwhelming um...Fullness...Down there...I was on my side and felt him whit his arms around me touching me, I had my left knee on my friends hip and she was laying facing me, There was a lot of confusion and i was not sure if it was real or a dream but she had her hand...Down there guiding him and rubbing me, I was obviously into it because somehow we managed to get it in and i remember that the feeling was like nothing i have ever experienced, I think I blacked out again but then I remember being on my back with him on top and her beside me, I still cannot get the timeline straight but there was a lot that happened and a lot that was new, Some not so new but honestly most of it was new experiences and in the end I woke up the next day damned near at noon.
First of all I was shocked to wake up naked in bed with my best friend and her husband, I tried to sneak out of bed but she woke up and before anything really came back to me she smiled and whispered "good morning" and just as she did he slid up behind me and wrapped his arms around me cupping my b**** and whispered "Very good morning" and kissed my neck, My heart was racing and I could feel myself getting sweaty and thankfully he rolled away from me and got out of bed, He went to the washroom and i was still in shock with her laying beside me I wanted to jump out of bed and run out the door but just when i decided to make my move to get out of bed he walked back in and I was more shocked in the morning than I was the night before because I don't remember most of it and i only remembered seeing it limp but he walked in and it was rock hard, Like I don't honestly ever remember seeing one that hard.
He is 40 which doesn't mean anything but with a p**** that big i was shocked that it stood right up pointing up in the air, Like it was right up there big and beautiful and has a big vein along the topside and just massive, He crawled back into bed and tossed the covers off then threw a leg over mine and it was on my thigh, I was still confused at the situation and now i had no covers and everything was exposed, He took my hand putting it on his massive member, I cleared my throat and let out a cough, She looked at me and giggled and he leaned down sucking on my nipple, She started running her fingers across my nipple then pinched it and at the same time he had spread my legs and was leaning in to do you know what and it was all too much.
I freaked...I feel bad now but I just lifted my arms, Pushed them back and said "Stop, Stop, Stop, What the EFFFF is going on, Stop, why are we naked, Why are you touching my nipples, Why are you going for my crotch (Yes i said crotch), and why is your d*** so f****** huge" She looked at me almost scared looking and he just pulled back, I was on the verge of crying and I said "oh god, I am so sorry, I don't know what's going on", She looked at me confused and so did he, She said "Um...Uh...Ahem...what do you mean you don't know whats going on?", I finally got some covers back on and I did break down and cry a bit but when I regained my composure a bit I explained that I was having issues remembering and she asked her husband to give us a few minutes.
Me and her laid in bed for half an hour talking and as she talked some things started to come back and others not so much, Some things as explained to me still don't register in my mind but I am sure sooner or later they will, So here it is for the detail seekers. After we started doing shots she says I made a comment about his package and he sat on the edge of the hot tub showing it to me, from there i apparently had a handful of his b**** which by the way are also huge as she shook it at me, She says he never really got fully hard until we were in bed which is probably why I don't remember seeing it but that was all that happened in the tub, Oh and I was showing off my b**** by then. She said we ran up the stairs in our wet undies and he chased us trying to smack our butts and for whatever reason we all ended up in their room and in bed still dripping wet. She says it wasn't really any one of us that made it go that way but it just did, When I asked for details I was shocked at what I did with him which is pretty much everything but when she told me what me and her did I had trouble believing her at first until just a few little snipits of that stuff came back.
He let me have my time with her to come to grips with what had happened and when he came back she went to shower leaving me and him to talk, She told him we should talk and left the room, He got into bed beside me and sheepishly said "You really don't remember last night?", I told him some parts were coming back and he was super understanding, He never tried to touch me or get anything else and although I know he could see my b**** the whole time never made it weird or awkward but there was really no way to hide them...I tried. I still wanted to run away but when she got out i got dressed (In front of him) and she begged me not to leave "while things are like this" so i stayed, We had breakfast and coffee and tried to be as normal as we could but i was remembering things...Good things...Bad things and everything was just making to hard to sit there.
I finally left but not before they walked me to the door and kissed me on the lips which was super weird but now i just sit here trying to figure out WHAT THE F***!

Feb 23, 2018

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  • You know what they say s*** happens
    Now you can say been there done that!

  • It's all good, chalk it up to drunken stupidity. No one got hurt, they are obviously not upset about it and you know what...If he has got a big one and knows what he is doing also, just be happy you had a chance to experience that, I have often found that the two do not always go hand in hand it's like a hot girl who is boring in bed, Disappointing. But sounds like he knew his way around and managed to make the night great for all of you so just make sure your friendship is solid, One thing to do is make she she knows that you will never step outside of that you, her and him situation and ever do anything with out her there. Oh by the way this is speaking from experience, I was with a good friend and her husband and he spent some time on focusing on me after she needed to take a break, We still to this day are close friends and it never happened again and never was a point of contention or even a small issue.

  • Don't get so shook up and drama about it. It was just drunken adult fun all be it overly drunk.

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