My first time being cummed in

I don't know why but this is the first time telling anyone this.
My neighbor is married and I know his whole family. But we kinda have been flirting and stuff through the fence and he can see in my bedroom from his. I started 'accidently' leaving my curtains up getting changed or out of the shower. Then after he'd watched me jerking it a few times, I'd lay on my bed legs wide for him to see as I'd play and use things like my brush, hotdogs, whatever.
Then it happened.
His wife and kids were in another state visiting family during hurrican Sally. He stayed to ride it out. The night before it hit, he yelled and waved me over. When I walked over in pajamas, he just took my hand, pulled me in his house and took me to his bedroom. We didn't even say a word. He undressed me and laid me on their bed. He kissed me all over, sucked my nipples hard and fingered and licked me. I came so hard! Then he went over to his dresser, looked for a few seconds, looked back at me, smiled and shrugged, and started undressing.
I was laying breathing so hard. He was so hard and just crawled up the bed. I got scared because I realized he was looking for a condom, but just shrugged and decided not to or he didn't have any. I was so nervous but when I felt his c*** press against my hot p****, I just reached up and grabbed his neck and kissed him. As we kissed, he pushed till his b**** layed on my booty hole. He was fully inside me, bare, and I wasn't on BC. My heart was racing but the more I thought about it, the hotter I got. He pulled his lips away, looked between us, pulled back, then BAM! He thrust so hard it hurt, but I wanted him to. He started f****** me so hard and fast. It wasn't more than a minute when I looked up as he pushed fully deep and held there that I realized, he was going to c** inside of me. At the same time I was thinking, Oh god don't, my hips started milking him pushing as deep as I could on him. Like my body needed his hot c**. He threw his head back and I felt every surge race up his c*** and pour into me, coating my insides. After he finished, I think it dawned on him as he slowly pulled out. I was so nervous but I just smiled.
He said, "I'm so sorry, I should have asked." I giggled and said, "Felt like you need to." He stood up and walked over to the window. He said, "what are you thinking?"
I said, "Have you have a vasectomy?"
He got a look on his face like I kicked his dog, "No..." he said almost like a question.
I laughed and said, "Guess I need to go shower," I giggled and he stood there looking at me. He just smiled and shrugged again. "I've wanted to c** in you for weeks. Bought time."
I felt so used, so dirty letting a married man shoot his seed in me unprotected, but my c*** was tingling so hard.
I went home and showered. Later that night after coming home from trying to go get a Plan B pill, only to find every CVS, Walgreens and Walmart closed early due to the coming storm, I walked in my room and saw he was sitting on him bed staring at the floor. All I remember thinking was yes, you did c** your married seed in the neighbor girl 20 years younger than you. I wanted to again sooooo bad. I yelled, "hey..." like he had earlier. He looked up and grinned. He looked around and waved me over again.
I spent the next week going over multiple times. We went to every room in his house, even the garage. He didn't pull out once. After the second day, I just thought, welp, it's up to nature now. He didn't anything about it other than c****** hard and deep, slapping my ass and saying, "That's what girls are for."
After the power came back on he called me over and said his family would be back tomorrow.
I said, "Well, we better hurry," as i stripped and walked into his bedroom again. We did 3 times that night. He had c**, unprotected in my p**** 21 times total.
I felt sad when their car pulled in. Standing in the window waving yelling, "Hey..." he looked up nervous LoL, "Welcome back." She waved and said, "Ya, too bad someone," nodding to her husband, "Too bad, someone, didn't bother cleaning up this mess."
I laughed and said, "Ya, I have a mess here too."
His eyes got huge. She laughed and waved as they went inside. We actually helped eachother clean all the branched and leaves and trash. The whole time wondering, did he get me pregnant?
I did miss my period, but when I bought a test a week later, it was negitive. OMG, what a relief. We have got together many times since and actually laying in bed feeling him dripping alittle before I shower. But, I'm on the patch BC now lol. I'm a stupid lucky girl. I love his c** inside me swimming deeper. It makes me feel full and complete. First and only man so far to c** in me. But I kinda want way more now. We'll see...

Apr 7, 2021

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  • That's so hot. that is, indeed, what girls are for. At least, girls like you. F*** that's hot. You are a dream. Hopefully one day i'll be lucky enough to f*** around with a girl like you and own one of my own.

  • Nice adventure!!! Haven’t had an adventure in 5 years or so, this is motivating:))))

  • In a similar room situation across the boundary fence, I intentionally let him (widower 55 yo) see me undress or change my dress for a few minutes. He really loves watching my young body with a pair of perky t***. Gradually he started to do the same to me. He is quite hung with that semi-erect c***. It has become our obsession at night before going to bed and this always leads to my masturbation. Lately, he makes gesture with his hands - making O with his fingers and running two fingers of his other hand through it. Often he will show victory sign and running a finger through it - f****** sign!! I am thinking to show him my p**** ...

  • Show him have fun, let him enjoy his older years!!! That is awesome!!!

  • Makes you wonder how the wife and kid will react if they knew. You are a Degenerate, and I am a Degenerate for reading and enjoying this.

  • Lol believe what you want. Literally wrote that after walking back from his house before I showered. Whatever. I wanted to tell someone.

  • Yeah..right. okay, maybe...for an exercise in fantasy p***. But, meh..

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