Well I am 44 years old i have been married twice and divorced both f my wives betrayed me with other men and my last wife had an affair the lasted for several months before I found out.
I no longer trust women but I an not Gay either and i miss the s** so at first when I got the urge I would go out t the bars for one night stands but I really don't like to drink so I m********* a lot I miss my second wife Rose though and she would sometimes give me head but she always complained about it when she gave in and only once did she ever let me have her a*** and after that she would say it hurts to much let some guy stick his c*** up your ass sometime and see how it feels.
Well lately I have become curious and I have looked on the internet.
( I sometimes m********* watching married women have s** with strangers ) and I found sites where you can run adds of your own so I ran an add and told my curiosity about being Bi curious and I was flooded with responses but most of them were from guys that just wanted to talk dirty or wanting to make me a s** slave or they just lived to far away.
One guy though answered and we talked for over a week and it looked like he had the same problem of wondering what it would be le to first suck a guy off and later let him do him a*** .
We were both very concerned about HIV and had asked about our past lovers and both of us had lived similar life styles since we divorced. He was the first to suggest that we try it and I was ready we had exchange photos and he looked clean and about my age so we agreed and this last Saturday we met in Fairfield to satisfy our curiosity once and for all.
It happened in a motel 6 just off the freeway and we both were uncomfortable knowing what we were going to do so took a half pint of Black berry Brandy and a thermos of coffee in the motel room there was only a double bed and a dresser in the room so we had to sit on the bed as we talked and that was also a little strange so after I started feeling the Brandy I said well I guess we might as well start huh and he agreed so we undressed and that was weird I had never undressed in front of a man before but my c*** was semi hard and so was his we decided to first suck each others c*** then later do it a*** and both of us wanted to swallow just to see what that was like so we got on the bed in a 69 position and for the first time in my life a mans c*** and b**** were in my face and I could smell his musky male Oder .
I felt Jerry suck my c*** into his mouth so I first tasted his c*** with my tongue and it tasted kind of like when I would stick my finger in my mouth when I would hurt it but it also tasted a little salty so I sucked him into my mouth but in a very short time this was uncomfortable so I suggested we do it with one on the bottom and the other on top and we flipped a coin to see who was going to be on top and I lost so I laid on my back as jerry got on his knees above me and his c*** and b**** were above my face.
My feet were flat on the bed with my legs spread wide and I felt him suck me into his mouth and we started again.
It seamed to take forever before began to respond to him and his c*** was really hard now and he f***** my mouth and his b**** would fit in my eye sockets on the down stroke so I closed my eyes .
I was surprised when I came and I was unable to concentrate until I stopped c****** and Jerry swallowed all of my c** then he told me that hewas almost ready to c** and he began to f*** my mouth faster and my lipd began to feel bruised he was going in to far and his cck head was hittin against my tonsils now and I was trying to gag when he gunted and jammd his c*** all the way into my mouth and I was fighting to get free his pibic area had cut off my air supply and I was struggeling and swallowing as fast as I could until I was finally able to push him off of me then we both laid there breathin hard and I could taste his sperm in my mouth and it tasted weird and I knew that I would probably never want to do it again but we talkedand neither one ofus had eaten so we ordered a Pizza and we talked until he wanted to see what it would be like to have me butt f*** him so I had brought some a*** lube along and he laid n the bed with his feet on the floor so I pushed his ass cheeks apart and I worked the a*** lube into his bung ole and spread a generous amount on my c*** and I moved behind him and stroked my c*** until it got hard then I asked him if he was ready and and he just nodded his head so I worked my c*** head into his b******** and pressed and I felt his ass give way but he said stop it hurts so I stopped with my c*** head part way into his ass until he said OK and I pushed harder and it was beginning to feel good so I pushed again and he grunted like a pig when my c*** head slopped out of site in him
I stood there and it felt like his spinster muscle was trying to pinch my c*** head off but it was also feeling really good so I grabbed his hips and started f****** him and in a short time I felt his ass relax as it got used to this and boy was he was tight I was taking about 4 inch strokes now and the sound of flesh meeting flesh and our grunts of pleasure and his of pain was all that was to be heard until I felt he pressure on my groin and I knew that I was going to c** so I moved faster and faster then my o***** was explosive as i filled his innards with my sperm and Jerry just laid there until I stopped C****** and my c*** slipped out of him.
It took awhile for him to get hard but then it was my turn and I felt the searing again as his c*** forced its way into me and I laid there silently and vowed that I would never ask another woman to do this for me.
Several days later my b******** is still sore and it itches all the time and I am no longer curious.

Nov 14, 2020

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  • Wow, good for you. Give it a few weeks and you'll want to do it again

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