NEVER buy your gf this for her B-day!

One of the gifts my bf got for MY 20 b-day was a lace bra and THONG panty set! WTF! I’m not wearing that s***! He said, “I’d feel sexy!” I threw it at him and told him to f**k off dumped his sick ass and moved back to my parents. Why do guys think we want to wear that f****g s***?

Nov 15, 2020

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  • "Oh no I can't imagine having someone think I was pretty and sexy and cant understand why a man would want me be sexy with/for him"... Listen sweetie, You have a lot of hurt in your life coming because you clearly have no idea what makes men and women different. Take it from a woman who took a long time trying to love myself, The problem is with you...not him

  • You are ungrateful karen hope you stay single for along time

  • Because guys their girls looking amazong you selfish b itch

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