My naughtiest moment

A long time ago I was in a marriage with a physically abusive man. I worked fulltime and he used me financially. He assaulted me which was the ultimate deal breaker but like so many other domestic abuse survivors I was terrified to leave.

I went alone to an event one day (I was a little over 30 years old but looked much younger. I was into running and I was thin with a nice rack. Also, I'm tall.)

I was greeted by a beautiful young man who was in his early 20s. He was much taller than me and my short husband. I was stunned. He was polite, friendly. He had beautiful eyes, too. He had a soft British accent.

I only said "Hello," and carried on into the event. Well, I could not resist flirting with this man and we got a little drunk together and held hands. I was absolutely smitten. The touch of his hand woke up what was dead inside of me; my passion. My capacity for love.

This gave me the courage to tell my husband we were through. I was terrified he would beat me. He went with cruel words, instead.

I confess I had been having x rated text messages with my young love interest. No, no naked photos. I'm not that foolish. Also, he knew I was exiting a toxic marriage.

We discussed getting condoms. I knew a f******* was imminent. So, he came over and put the condom on and we f*****, f***** and f*****. When he first entered me, he moaned "You're so tight!" He had a gorgeous, huge p**** with a lovely foreskin. My first intact partner. Wow! What a difference! I orgasmed at least three times; he was big and strong and picked me up and f***** me up against the wall. He f***** me on the bed, on the floor, on the kitchen table.

It was wonderful. I felt so alive and wanted. That this much younger man wanted to f*** my brains out after flirting for weeks was so special.

I will always be grateful to him. He saved me. I gave him the best f*** he had ever had up until that point.

It was my one terrible, cheating moment. I don't really regret it. My only regret is not calling the police the first time my ex assaulted me and walking away, then.

Nov 16, 2020

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