Why me

I know covid has been difficult for everyone, but trying to keep your job especially at my age, I'm 61 is not easy.

My boss who is just some kid! (he's 28) called me explaining that there needs to be some cutbacks and some people will be let go, my heart was in my mouth, I knew what was coming, he said you are slower and not as valuable as other employees, however I'm willing to keep you on, under one condition? Name it I said?
I want to spend the weekend with your wife!
No protection no interruptions just me and her!?

I was furious, but then he stopped from shouting, think about it? You get to keep your job, I calmed and asked why? He said calmly he finds my wife very very attractive, I said but she is 60 and your like 28' he said he wanted an answer by tomorrow as it was already Thursday and it was to happen that weekend or I was to walk.

I spoke to my wife and explained all, she flatly refused many times until I made her realise that I get to keep my job and we can carry on with our life, reluctantly she agreed.

The following night he came home with me from work, she had made us all a dinner, as we went in to the dining room he instructed me to take mine to the spare room to eat as he didn't want them to be disturbed! As I sheepishly took my dinner away from the table I could see my wife look silently at me with tears rolling down her cheeks, we have been married 35 years and it broke my heart to do this.

I didn't eat I couldn't, I decided to take my tray downstairs hoping he had took my wife upstairs by now? As I opened the door my wife was naked on the table as was he have full unprotected s**! I felt sick I ran upstairs locked myself in the spare room and cried myself to sleep.

From Friday to Sunday he had constant s** with my wife and I could here it was everywhere even Ive never had the pleasure of a*** with my wife and I have always wanted too!

On Sunday afternoon my wife came to me sat me down and said, " he wouldn't be leaving! That he was staying for good" I said what happens to me? She explained if you wish to leave that is your choice but if you wish to stay then you had better get up for work tomorrow.

She got up and at the door turned and said, "you asked me to do this, I pleaded not to but you insisted, I didn't realise I would fall for him!? You can stay in the spare room from now on.

That was 8 months ago, he and my wife have s** all the time they can they even brought a pull out sofa so they can have s** in the living room, I was only trying to keep my job this is a living h***!!

Nov 17, 2020

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  • Take their some pictures and make his life h***. Make blackmail at its best.

  • I wouldn't have done that for a job.
    And put my wife in such a bad place to have to figure out who she loves..

  • I had no choice, they are still together please any advice please

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