A recent fantasy I've been having.

I'm well aware that this is triggering, and I get why-- but honestly interested in people's genuine interpretation-- there seems to be underlying meaning here, as much as it admittedly turns me on.

Okay, so Imagine this: at least two little girls (but probably a good several) are chasing you through your house-- They range from about eight to ten years old. Their eyes are desperate and frightened, but their mouths smile with easy complacence as they chase you.

As they search for you they don't talk or communicate at all-- they just sigh with constant, soft, empty, bimbo-ish giggles. Not hysterical or hard or sarcastic-- just mindlessly, pleasantly complacent: "Ah-hawhawhawhawhaw! AH-hawhawhawhawhah! Hehehehehe... HAW-hawhawhawhawhaw!"

They see you and instantly charge, bringing their hands and arms up to VIOLENTLY-- push your shirt up on your chest. Still laughing calmly to themselves, they slowly crowd you down onto the nearest flat surface-- your bed.

Their lips make an instant beeline and cup right over your nipples and the laughter finally stops-- replaced by small moans of pleasure as their eyes first relax, then roll back into their heads in pure pleasure as they begin to mindlessly suck and lick your nipples like ice cream.

It feels SO amazingly good that you can't take it, you are OVERLOADED with torturous pleasure! You shove them easily enough away, but as you turn to run their mindlessly calm, breathy, self satisfied laughter is already right at your back.

Your shoulder hits the doorframe, you spin-- their hands on your shirt again-- grabbing, shoving it up to your armpits-- their tiny nails lightly scraping your skin-- your back against the wall. "--awhawhawhaw! Ahhh-hawhawhawhaw-- uurrmmm... uuurrrmmm... hhhmmmm... uuuurrrmmmm... hhhhmmmm..."

You mind nearly SHORT CIRCUITS with absolute orgasmic pleasure mixed with the deepest shame-- there is wetness in your underwear. You shove them away again, the pleasure turning briefly to agony with the pressure of their suction, their lips literally make a popping sound as you succeed: "*Gasp* AH-hawhawhawhaw! HEE-hehehehehehe!"

You're already up and running again, but they're completely relentless, they never seem to tire, and you're exhausted... they're only little girls, after all... And it really DOES feel good...

Their laughter dances delicately between your brain receptors now. You should really slow down... Relax... Catch your breath... maybe if you stopped... NO! They almost had you hypnotized! YOU! MUST! ESCAPE! But behind you their little feet patter and their sweet voices incessantly laugh with smugly good natured patience.

No matter how hard you push they will never lose an inch! They could catch up at any time if they really wanted-- but they much prefer a nice, calm, easy surrender. And you know that eventually, sooner or later, they'll have their way. You just can't keep up the fight forever... and they've got all the time they need.


Nov 18, 2020

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  • A younger sister and her friends sort of did something similar when we were young (I'm 8 years older) but the end goal was to hold me down and tickle me. It was fun.

  • Did they just mindlessly laugh like that while they chased you, or did they also talk?

  • Sounds like it!

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