Bi curious

I was recently divorced and I was not interested in starting anther relation ship at the time but but I missed the s** and I wasn't having much luck with the lock down here in Calif so I went on the internet checking out dating sites but I never registered for any of them I was just interested in getting laid mostly so I started surfing the adult sites watching clips that interested me and I would m********* watching them have s**.
I found a Transvestite site and I watched some of them that were well hung and could give themselves a b******* so I contacted a couple and we talked and traded photos' and I was becoming interested and this one TV named Linda was interesting to talk to and we actually considered meeting but I was still just curious so she was willing to just talk but after awhile we began to talk about what would happen if we did meet and I was cool with giving her some head but she wanted to butt f*** me to and her c*** was over 7 inches long with a big c*** head .
She promised to be very considerate so I finally agreed to meet her with the clause hat if it hurt she would stop so we agreed to meet at her place n Benicia several miles from my place and we met on a Friday evening and i was excited but nervous to and Linda offered me a beer do I began to relax a little and I was curious so I asked her to undress and boy on the internet it looked sexy but in real life I was floored seeing her t*** and c*** and b**** hanging there and she wanted to make out but I just wanted to get on with it so I undressed and she went down on me then after awhile we went into her bed room and sucked me or awhile then she got on top of me in a 69 and her c*** was in my face and I was really getting into it now and I sucked her c*** as she sucked mine.
I felt my o***** build it had been a week since I had jacked off letting my interest in this meeting grow and I was ready to blow my load then I felt my o***** crest and she sucked me so hard it felt like I was being turned inside out and I could hear her swallowing greedily.
I fleetingly wondered what her c** would taste like and she was moving faster now and her c*** head was hitting the entrance to my throat and I started to gag when she went off and she jammed her c*** all the way into my mouth and Her c** shot directly into my throat and all I could do was swallow.
Afterwards I was ashamed and wanted to go but she talked me into staying for awhile and I got hard again and she wanted me to butt f*** her so I did but I made her give me a rubber .
Surprisingly her ass was very tight and it felt good .
I came again then she wanted o f*** me and she coaxed me into letting her fingering my a*** and she put a lot of a*** lube on her finger and stroked my c*** as she massaged my prostrate gland and it began to feel really good so she took my ankle's and pulled me to hedge of the bed and lifted my legs over her shoulder and she rubbed a*** lube all over her c*** she told me that it might hurt a little at first and it did when she forced her c*** head into my ass it felt like someone was shoving a branding iron up my ass but after a short time I began to relax and my spinster muscle eased up and she began to f*** me as she still stroked my c*** and she f***** me for a long time and I was watching her b****** .
I was surprised o recognize that I was going to c** as she stroked my c*** and I couldn't talk and I felt light headed as my c*** began to spray my c** all over my belly and and chest .
Linda began to laugh encouraging me to c** more then she to went silent and she had her head thrown back and she was biting her lower lip breathing in harsh gasps the she grunted and grabbed my ass cheeks and drove her c*** deep in me and I felt her c*** pulse as she made strangled sounds in her throat .
Linda has decided not to wear rubber she likes to feel hot flesh against hot flesh and I laid there as her c*** pulsed inside of my ass and I could feel her hot sperm shoot in spurts as she came in me.
I was very quiet and I wanted to leave and deal with what I had just done and she asked me to call when ever I wanted to do it again.
I am sill troubled about what I have done but I still have her phone #
I know that it was not right but it felt good.

Nov 18, 2020

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  • Once you get f*** you will be back of more

  • I commend you for exploring a relationship with a TV. It sounds like you enjoyed it and I encourage you to continue to build on it. She will no doubt introduce you into her TV / CD circle of friends which will have so many exciting possibilities

  • I got so hard reading this, my pants are wet from precum. Would love to have been in your place. Not brave enough to make that move yet, but I did suck a c*** once and played with a few others, but at an adult video store so very anonymous

  • Create a e-mail for this and run an add and talk to a few guys or TVs and explain to them that yo are just curious and see where it goes from there and always think about disease and pick the clean ones HIV is a killer so condoms will be safer.

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