She will never be the same.

My wife and I walked in on her mom masturbating yesterday, She has been single for 23 years and we walked in on her laid back on the couch, One leg up watching a girl/girl scene which was interesting and and just hammer f****** her hairly 53 year old p**** with her d**** and her fairly large b**** just bouncing.
Wow, yikes, What a situation.
LOL, well I feel like our relationship will be slightly different from now on.

Nov 21

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  • My 1st wife's mother used to flash her p**** at me all of the time, I saw hers at least a dozen times before I ever saw my wife's. Another thing she would do is walk in on me in the bathroom, that bothered me so I locked the door.
    One day after I married her daughter, I was in the shower and her Mom dropped by, I had no idea she was there. Sure enough, she came in and plopped down on the toilet, I thought it was my wife until she tugged the curtain back, looked at me with a grin and told me I had a "cute" one.
    Damn near gave me a complex.

  • That must have been sexy. What kind of conversation has there been with your mother-in- law? Maybe you should volunteer to help with the d****. If I were you I would be watching for more.

  • Wow! You should have helped her out.

    That would have been sooo sexy

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