She's very comfortable

I walked in on my wife's mom the other day, My wife was adopted so there no physical resemblance but her mom has great big old boobies and I always knew she was not shy about nudity at all, My wife told me that growing up nudity was always just a normal thing around their house, Not that people walked around nude but if you seen a naked person it wasn't a big deal and it was very normalized from a young age which is something we carried over with our own children.
Anyway I walked in on her changing at the cabin, She had her bathing suit around her waist and it was all rolled up, She was untangling it and I came around the corner, I said "Ooops, S***, Sorry" and she scoffed as I went to walk away and said "What do you need?", I said "The keys to the boat but I will come back", She said "On the dresser" so I thought "F*** it". I turned back around and walked to the dresser, I peeked at her out of the corner of my eyes the whole time and she totally caught me.
She has gigantic b****, Holy crap, Big, Ugly, Veiny b**** with big ugly nipples but...Hey, B**** are b**** right. LOL.

Nov 10, 2020

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  • Spread her legs n lick the old p**** out of her .then stopnn say no keys here if she pulls ur hesd in she wants u to keep looking . no sign of them turn her over lick the ass of her still no look f*** her n tell her shes a liar no keys here

  • You should have felt her ugly b**** - they should be nice to press and stroke by your hands...

  • Next time start kissing her with a finger in her puss and she will surrender

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