Bartering **

I’d been putting off changing the oil in my car for too long; it’d probably been nearly a year. Money’s been really tight. I’m alone in the Jiffy Lube waiting room on Clark road except the middle-aged guy sitting across from me who smiles politely. I catch his eyes catching a glimpse of my cleavage. Can’t blame him I guess. I’m 38, the girls are in fine shape, and I like to give them a little air now and again.

The attendant calls me to his desk with my filters in his hands; they are a mess. I need more work too and my budget is shot for sure now. I was expecting $70.00 or so and now I’m triple that. **.

Crushed and nearly in tears, I step away as my seatmate is called up to pay his bill. He finishes and the attendant leaves. He turns to me and says “Show me your ** for 5 seconds and I’ll pay your bill.”

I was initially aghast, but that passed in a fraction of a second. I was in the hallway, there is no one there but him and me. What if I do and he doesn’t keep his end of the deal? ** it. I hooked my thumbs into my halter top, gave a yank, and the girls popped out like dogs on a run. As I counted to five, his eyes got bigger than the lump in his pants.

“Wow”, “Thanks.”

The attendant reappeared. “I’m paying the lady’s bill” he said and whipped out his charge card.

I smiled and left.

Nov 22, 2020

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