Gay or D.I.D?

So I came out to my mom as gay 5 years ago. Before that happened of course I was being rained on by these questions. At first I didn’t know who I was. I will like girls for one month and then turn to boys the next. The thing is when liked girls, I was disgusted of boys, and when I liked boys, I was so fond of them and hated girls. I really didn’t know who I liked. Was not or girl or both? But no I think that s*** is disgusting for some reason.
So fast forward in time I had a therapist and a few sessions each month for the last 2 years talking about this problem.... he told me that I’m diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder. It wasn’t like I didn’t know who I was, but he felt like I had 2 of some what same personality but 1 was kinda like the anti cosmo of to my cosmo from Fairly Odd Parents. I really don’t know what to say ahaha. I mean in honesty I believe him to certain extent.

Nov 22

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  • Why not like them all and except the fact you are Bi-sexual. there is nothing wrong with any of it. You may eventually go completely one way or the other, and that is OK also. Personally I became Bi at an older age ( my late 50s) Now I have to say I am completely into men only. I love a beautiful woman but have no sexual interest in them, I am completely turned on by a naked man.

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    And as forD. I. D , just another f****** stupid name for perverted.
    The world has gone mad and us full of idiots.

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