Stupid stereotypical teenage angst

You all probably think I’m a troll. Living alone has made me restless and I frequently pace my room while twirling objects. I like to live in my own world but even there I often avoid people or people avoid me (even I find that ironic). I think I’m losing my grip on reality. I barricade myself in my room whenever I’m not in school. It’s currently summer.

I am almost 18 but I have no interest in any career whatsoever. I would rather die than live with my parents longer than necessary. I don’t have any friends anymore. I cut all connections to my old friends. I think they gave up on me. Making new friends is out of the question because I can’t function properly in any form of social situation. Everyone I have ever met has characterized me as a super loser/ghetto drug addict because of my race and appearance and they let me know that’s how they see me. I have repeatedly tried to alter my appearance to change this but nothing works. Girls think I’m ugly or weird. I can’t blame them because I am ugly and weird but they could keep their opinions to themselves.

Nobody knows how I feel. My parents like to provoke me because their lives probably sucked even more than mine. No one is helping me and I can’t help myself. I have a long family history of mental instability and I might be a hypochondriac. Chances are im autistic. I also over react to things. I’ve tried to find comfort in many religions but I end up even more sad and scared. I love videogames but I find it impossible to interact with other videogame nerds. I struggle to make eye contact with people, and people notice. I am going to die alone.

Jul 28, 2012

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  • Your life don't suck. Get over yourself. There are people dying and starving and living in refugee camps around the world, and YOU of all are whining? Your ass better be counting its blessings and taking advantage of all the privileges it has that people in other parts of the world couldn't even dream of.
    Get out of your misery, and get over yourself.

    P.S, comfort won't come from religion, sorry to burst yet another bubble, but God isn't real unless you count Neil Degrasse Tyson.

  • Aw no u arent :( heyy if you wanna talk to me about whatever, reply and i'll give u a number to text ^.^

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