I am having an affair again.

I slept with a friend of mine's dad when I was 16, Then again when I was 17 and we started a realtionship. His wife found out and forced it to end, We carried on secretly for a while but she caught us and he did put a stop to it, She never told my friend (Her daughter) so it was kind of weird, I was still over there all the time and when I turned 18 I left him a note in his pocket to meet me at a local motel, We had a year lonf affair before his wife found out AGAIN and she told him she was leaving.
Her leaving would have devastated both of them financially because they were young when they met and her name was on everything but it would mean shutting down every income stream they had, It was above my head but anyway...Instead of ending it completely they came to an agreement. Me and him could see eachother but never at the house and she could do what she wanted but wouldn't do it locally.
Well, That worked for a little while until she was out of town and I went to his house and she came home and walked in on us, We didnt hear her come in but I heard a "Pfffft" and was like (wtf), He was on his back and I was on my hands and knees, I looked back and I don't think I have ever or will ever scream like that again, Oh my god, I looked back to the door...Nothing, Looked the other way and....Oh my god...The "Pfft" I heard was her openeing a beer, She was sitting in the chair in their room and after I stopped screaming she said "Ok, I can see it", He said "See what?", She said "Why you f*** her...I mean it doesn't make her any less of a w**** or you any less of a douchebag but...I see it now". We had obviously stopped and were covering up, and she said "Carry on" and left the room, We obviously didn't.
Not even a month later me and him were sitting around at my apartment and he told me he had s** with his wife, and I lost my s***, I was so mad, He basically told me that she wants to go back to having s** with him and he can have s** with me on the side, I told him "F.U.C.K. NO" so now everytime he comes over I find scratch marks, hickeys etc. and I know she is totally doing it just to p*** me off. I do not want to be his side piece, She can be the side piece and go back to whatever she has been doing up till now.
Go away Cathy, You had your chance and he left you for me so just GO AWAY.

Nov 24, 2020

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  • If this is a real story, you deserve every bit of this. You will eventually catch him cheating on you with a third.

  • Make him jealous when he comes over make sure you have Hickeys all over you. Maybe even have a dude c** on your face right before make it look like you tried to wipe it off and just missed some but it’s still noticeable

  • What a sad basket case!

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