I am having an affair again.

I slept with a friend of mine's dad when I was 16, Then again when I was 17 and we started a realtionship. His wife found out and forced it to end, We carried on secretly for a while but she caught us and he did put a stop to it, She never told my friend (Her daughter) so it was kind of weird, I was still over there all the time and when I turned 18 I left him a note in his pocket to meet me at a local motel, We had a year lonf affair before his wife found out AGAIN and she told him she was leaving.
Her leaving would have devastated both of them financially because they were young when they met and her name was on everything but it would mean shutting down every income stream they had, It was above my head but anyway...Instead of ending it completely they came to an agreement. Me and him could see eachother but never at the house and she could do what she wanted but wouldn't do it locally.
Well, That worked for a little while until she was out of town and I went to his house and she came home and walked in on us, We didnt hear her come in but I heard a "Pfffft" and was like (wtf), He was on his back and I was on my hands and knees, I looked back and I don't think I have ever or will ever scream like that again, Oh my god, I looked back to the door...Nothing, Looked the other way and....Oh my god...The "Pfft" I heard was her openeing a beer, She was sitting in the chair in their room and after I stopped screaming she said "Ok, I can see it", He said "See what?", She said "Why you f*** her...I mean it doesn't make her any less of a w**** or you any less of a douchebag but...I see it now". We had obviously stopped and were covering up, and she said "Carry on" and left the room, We obviously didn't.
Not even a month later me and him were sitting around at my apartment and he told me he had s** with his wife, and I lost my s***, I was so mad, He basically told me that she wants to go back to having s** with him and he can have s** with me on the side, I told him "F.U.C.K. NO" so now everytime he comes over I find scratch marks, hickeys etc. and I know she is totally doing it just to p*** me off. I do not want to be his side piece, She can be the side piece and go back to whatever she has been doing up till now.
Go away Cathy, You had your chance and he left you for me so just GO AWAY.

Nov 24

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  • If this is a real story, you deserve every bit of this. You will eventually catch him cheating on you with a third.

  • It seems like she is not even giving you room to live your life, and she should be ashamed of herself for that. She should realize that you have it completely within your power to end her marriage any time you choose. She, on the other hand, can never end your relationship with her husband. She knows that because she's tried to do so multiple times and failed miserably every time. It's clear which woman he loves. He spent Christmas holidays between your legs, for God's sake! The best she can claim is sad side-piece status . . . if that. You should start exercising your rights of primacy to him as if you were his current wife (remember Christmas!!) and I agree that you should also begin taking and asserting step-mother status over your best friend. You should enlist her help in squeezing her bio mother out of her father's life. And yours!!!

  • God, it is so true: wives have a bad habit of interfering with the best relationships. It may be time for you to get yourself impregnated by your man. I know it's wrong, but that meanass b**** isn't leaving you with many options. She knows her husband belongs to you now, so she's grasping at straws to be able to spend ANY time with him. You may have to start planning to destroy the b****'s family by starting one of your own with him . . . . . . . . . . . and doing it right under her snotty nose. We both know she deserves to have that happen. Go to work, honey!

  • I wish I could be assertive as you and could think clear like you do. I am in love with the father of my best friend from school. We have made out a few times when I sleepover at their house and he knows I want it all but his wife (my friend's mom) keep getting in the way like with you too. Its not right of her but she keeps doing it!!! I love him so its not just wanting s** its so much more than that and I think she know that.

  • Make him jealous when he comes over make sure you have Hickeys all over you. Maybe even have a dude c** on your face right before make it look like you tried to wipe it off and just missed some but it’s still noticeable

  • Really really really really LOVE ^this^

  • Great idea.

  • It really is a great one! You should start dating one of his friends. You will want him super jealous so pick the one who is hung the best and do him every day and night Then when he comes over for s** tell him you cant because your sore. Tell him if he doesnt start hitting it more hes gonna lose it. Tell him you not having any trouble getting the other guy to come over. Like not at ALL.

  • I do understand your frustration with the persistent, annoying, obstructive c***- wife. It's infuriating. But don't tell us that she's gotta go:tell HER. Make it perfectly clear to Cathy that if she doesn't stop interfering in your relationship with your girlfriend's dad, you will totally DESTROY her family. All of it. She will know you can do that, and she will know how. As for HIM, you need to get him onboard, too, because he has far more to lose here than anybody else. You need to tell him to "get that f****** b**** on a chain and make sure she stays in the f****** yard", because if you are forced to blow things up you will blow EVERYTHING up. He will get your point without explanation. It's time for you to act, dear. These fools are ruining and wasting your life. THIS IS YOUR LIFE. TAKE CHARGE OF IT!!!!

  • Oh god its working , tommy on the cruises making rosie and k gay again

  • Go away mash kell, you said tom turned you gay. stop bullying me at the gym you b****. if I like IS I will hang around. go home to your husband. stop bullying me.

  • I bet they play this game with lots of young girls like yourself. don't fool yourself in thinking your so special that you are the only one. that would be a dumb think to assume that you alone are getting some from him. he probably told her to come home and do that and hope for a group s** show. Never be so foolish to think a man would only be getting some from you or just care about you. you not that extra or special .

  • No, she actually IS that special. It's obvious. And even his wife can see it. What she's got between her legs must be incredible.

  • I agree with the observation immediately above. However, I would suggest three further upgrades. First, get him to take you to a cosmetic surgeon and have a breast augmentation that takes you out to twice as big as Cathy. More, if at all physically possible (you want to totally shame her) He MUST pay. Second, get him to take you to a local tattoo artist and get ALL the tattoos he wants for you, in all the places he wants them, except two (nothing on your upper left arm, nothing on your mound). Again here, he has to pick up the tab for everything. Then later, go back to the same place, and have the artist put the following declaration on your left arm: "I belong to ____________", filling in the blank with his name. Across your mound, get the letters TGIF tattooed in a thick but stylish design.It won't stand for what most people think it stands for. With you, it will mean "TONGUE GOES IN FIRST", but that won't actually be spelled out. He will love you throughout eternity. And you will be HIS.

  • Yes. Get the absolute biggest breast implants your doctor will give you. Get butt and lip implants, too. And then get him to buy you a whole new wardrobe that accentuates your enhancements in a dirty/trashy way. You want to have a look and a feel that Cathy can't give him, and that he can't get out of his mind. You want to be the woman/wife all his male friends are aching to get with. They will be touching you, and you should always encourage that. Always. And you should always permit it and always reciprocate it. They will ALL fall in love with you. Let them have you. If you do that, they'll all love you more.

  • Make him take the money for your cosmetic surgeries (especially the bob job) out of one or more of Cathy's bank accounts. That will be fun!! GO GET BIG, BABY! Really, you need them gigantic!

  • If I was you I would move on because he is a married man and you should see yourself as deserving better then him. He is using you and has been using you. He doesn't deserve your love at all. So you had a moment of weakness because we all get desperate to lose virginity to just anyone but you sell yourself way too short on him. There are better guys who will treat you right. And do you really want to be his daughters step mother and she is your age. I wouldn't. You should send them both a note and say "you are a stinky pedophile who f***** a child not even a woman yet you could go to jail for this ! so shut up and don't tell anyone because he did the wrong thing doing that to you as his daughters sleep over friend" also let me ask you , have you ever wondered how many of his daughters other friends he has done this with? I bet you are not the only one. 16 is too young to be in adult relationships and he used you like he has used every one. Move on.

  • Excellent points, and excellent advice!

  • Is it fair for us to believe that what God put between your legs is really magical, and maybe almost supernatural? It sure sounds that way! Does your man know how lucky he is? Does he treat you like he realizes his incredible good fortune? Does he take money from his wife and give it to you or spend it on you? I certainly hope he does. You deserve it!

  • That man is your man and you need to start acting like it. When you gone start?

  • She already started, I believe, because she went back to him (the "again" from her title) even after his wife did her best to run her off. This girl just doesn't give up! You gotta love and admire her for that!!!!!

  • What a sad basket case!

  • No she is not! She is brave and bold and obviously in love!!

  • Don't sweat it. You won and she lost. He clearly loves you, and he only does her out of obligation, not love or even l***. She is the side piece now and her place in his life is an embarrassment to her. Rub her nose in your victory every chance you get. Be sure he stays overnight at your place for all the holidays but especiallyvthe big ones, Thanksgiving, Christmas , New Years, Valentines. But be absolutely ABSOLUTELY certain that he is with you for Cathy's birthday: don't ever let him near her on that day. When you know he's at her house overnight, text him at least 4 nights every month and instruct him to come to your place immediately "to f***". End each of those text orders with the reminder that "Even Cathy knows she can't compete with what's between my legs . . . she admitted it to us both!" Blowing up their marriage would be too easy ; but keeping them together, while you use him and humiliate her, will be a great and delicious prize and a magnificent accomplishment. You go, girl!!

  • I liked these comments about locking him down for all the important holidays. Christmas coming up soon now so you need to get him promising to be your place all the way from Dec. 20 through Jan. 3. Don't let him see Cathy or talk to her any at all for that whole time. Get your freind (their daughter) to help keep him away from that Cathy b****-c*** and you should talk to her like your her mom..........which you will be very very very soon. But your already owning his ass and the daughter need to know he is your property. If you need to, let the daughter "catch you" f****** her dad or giving him wild BJs. She need to see what her mom saw so she will understand that you and her dad are supposed to be together snd nothing can ever stop that or change that. No matter whether or not he is married to Cathy at any point in time, he is still your property. Always and forever. YOUR PROPERTY. tell Cathy. Tell that other girl . . . . your daughter! You own own own own own OWN her dad. He is your property. YOURS!!! Let her see why and how. Your friend need to see your the grown-up in that house and you are in control!!!

  • With the holidays coming to a close, I hope he has been with you every since middle December, and I hope your girlfriend been steady seeing you and him together as the serious couple you obviously are. And I also hope she is treating you like your her mother and is calling you "Mom" and that Cathy hears that happening ALL THE F****** TIME. Cathy needs to be constantly reminded that she lost and you keep on winning. LOL!!!

  • You should be dragging Cathy through the s*** every single day. You should be doing something every day to remind her that her husband is deeply in love with you, and that her own daughter prefers to have YOU as her mother. Don't give the b**** a chance to come up for air without seeing you in her face.

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