Biden is a cheat and a liar.

Biden is a cheat and a liar and an evil demon possed wicked individual. He will lose the election and if he doesn't he will give an account to God.

Nov 25

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  • Is that the mythical Jew god, or the one in 2God, fu cking my mother is really great."

  • He went to George Floyd funeral to get those n#gger votes. That's how he won.

  • Trump raped a woman, Biden made a woman vice president, he's already won, stop acting like a child. BIDEN 2020 #BLACKLIVESMATTER #VOTEBLUENOMATTERWHO #BIDEN2020

  • Trump never raped anyone you moron

  • And too he a thief. he stole them votes. its the total truth. he know it and you know it. where they go? up his butt! check it out! up his butt!

  • I don’t know but he was suppose to barr women from clothing

    Poor little misfits, wallowing in your TDS.
    Reality has finally caught back up to whatever bizarro world you thought you wanted. Go ahead and dunk on the messenger, literally the rest of the planet-- and OVER half of this country-- backs me up on this. Now cry bitterly some more while I make some popcorn!


  • It won't take long for Americans to realize they elected the wrong guy President. But it WILL take a long time for them to admit it. four years to be precise. Jose Biden shall serve but one term.

    If that.

  • Donald Trump is America's true President. The Biden criminal family must be kept away from the decision making process.

  • Too late. They all got up in it all already. Biding stole it and wont give it up. If you think Trump gnawed Obama's black ass over where he was born, he'll have a chainsaw up Biding's butt about vote-stealing and counting votes ain't never got cast. You f***** libs will eventually have to admit that you cheated yo ass off

  • Biden is a punk-ass b****. But he is miles better than that Harris fraud.

  • It wasn't for Chinese virus our country would not fall into the hands of communists.

  • Sadly, he'll be inaugurated whether he properly won or not. If his brain were functioning and he had a spine, he at least was a more moderate politician than the liberal wackos who control the strings on this meat puppet. Within a short time they'll declare him incompetent and remove him to leave Kamala Harris as president. If the democrats also end up controlling the senate, we're going to see billions of tax dollars flushed down the toilet on insane things.

  • I hope your wrong about them slicking her into the Presidency. But I worry a lot that you're right. its exactly the kind of B.S. that the Democraps would all pull. Trump needs to shut those b itches ALL down and then pardon hiself before he leave out! He need to wax all they ass. ALL they fucken ass!!!

  • Kamella is just a giant P.O.S. the Constitution should be amended to provide that you cannot be President OR VicePresident if you are a P.O.S.

  • I wouldnt call her a piece of s*** and 'm not racist or sexist. I just happen to hate her for being so snide and overbearing and rude and smug. I do not like the idea of her representing our country with that miserable poisonous attitude. She makes us all look bad. Biding should of pickedsomebody else for VP. Thats why I voted for a third party for president. I couldn't vote for her even indirectly. Bleccchh! She make me vomit.

  • I get you. Only diff is she gives me the s****!

  • Amen to all of what you said.

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