Confronted brother

I finally confronted my older brother who's 28 because he keeps watching me so i had him in his car know where to go in there,i purposely hiked up my skirt flashing my white lace knickers to get him to look and asked him why but he wouldn't answer so i asked if he wanted me and if so to pull over i knew i would get my answer then and he did just that and quickly pulled his fat hard c*** out stroking it so i had a quick look to make sure know one was around and got on him lap took his c*** wanked it a little and put it in my p**** and we f***** in the driver's seat and let him fill me with c** i stayed on him lap and we chatted it didn't take long for us to f*** again and we went back the following day he f***** rough in my bed when my husband left for work.

Nov 30, 2020

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  • Try again in English

  • My half sister came into my bedroom when I was 13, she was 17. She tugged up her pajama tops, showing me her b****, and asked me if I thought they were pretty. I told her they were, she asked me to rub them so I did. Then she asked me to show her my pecker, that's what she called it. I was a bit shy about that but she kept after me until she got my PJ's down. She rubbed it some and I had my first climax. I didn't even know what that was but it felt good. After that, she did it a lot, almost every night. I often wonder if that was not the cause of a lifetime of strange sexual experiences..

  • Do u still f*** around with her?

  • Lovely

  • Incest is the best

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