There's pee in you frozen yogurt!!!

This is a horrifyingly disgusting confession. I’m a women in her late twenties now, and for five years of my life, I was the manager at a busy metropolitan frozen yogurt shop. I graduated college and started my career some time ago, leaving its sticky floors and annoying customers behind. But I recently noticed that it closed down due to covid-induced economic strain, and was reminded of the terrible, horrifyingly disgusting thing I used to do.

I opened the shop by myself five days a week, sometimes more, and whenever I came in, I made sure I was absolutely bursting for a p*** so I could empty my full bladder into the thawing orange sorbet mix. At first I tested the waters with steadily increasing increments. Turns out, customers and coworkers could never taste the difference, so I mixed in my hot p*** freely every morning, and drank water constantly so I could prepare the orange sorbet refills for the rest of the day. It was a relatively popular flavor, and I took sick pleasure whenever someone dispensed a bowl for themselves. Snooty old lady’s, loud teenagers, negligent parents and spoiled kids; all tasted of my golden nectar. It was actually one of my employees go-to’s and I gleefully coaxed them into making a bowl for themselves whenever they came in. What a rush!

Five days a week. Five. Years.

Dec 1, 2020

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  • I pee in MY mother inlaws coffee cup when she comes over to my house I pee in her coffee cup one time I filled her cup half full with my pee half coffee she drinks my pee down to the last drop

  • I injoy drinking my own pee I drink a whole cup full and I love laying in the shower and peeing right in to my mouth

  • I would jerked off 3 or 4 time every night at home and the next day mix it into the whipped cream at the ice shop I ran near a college. Most of the customers were college girls who wouldn't even talk to me.

    The b****** were taking my c** and loving it.


  • I love eating my ... I want to try someone eles

  • Sound delishes I eat mine. When I can so thick and warm I love the feel of it going my ghroat

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