Man becoming GINORMOUS cow with udders

My moobs are in growth spurt mode, and nipples are getting thick and growing outward rapidly. Aureolas are getting dark and enlarging, too. Nipples are so sensitive now, they make me o***** when squeezed or sucked on! Never thought I’d ever develop B****! My ass is also getting enormous suddenly. It’s like I’m turning into a woman with a p****. And, my belly is dropping down hitting my thighs when I walk. Double chins are getting broader and pushing my face up off my chest. If this keeps up, I’ll need a bra and a girdle!!! Starting to feel like a waddle vs walking gait. I think I’ve gone past the tipping point. I’m only gonna keep packing on the BLUBBER going forward. I am hungry all the time and my metabolism has slowed ‘weigh’ down. I feel like a fat cow!!! MOOOO!!!!

Dec 2, 2020

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  • Awesome bro. Welcome to the big boy titty club! It sounds like we're in a similar spot with our gains. I'm loving my flabby moobs, big cellulite covered ass, and thunder thighs. Definitely waddling now and starting to look like a fat chick with a d***. I'm working on growing my gut so big it hides it completely.

  • Massage them using olive oil for 15-20 mnts before bathing. You will love it and your b**** will get firmer!

  • Thanks for the tip! Will ‘nip’ it ... ‘on’ the bud!

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