What do people think of losers unmarried spinster stales

Lets face it b****** world. I am never gonna get married and have a baby, cuz it will feel too unreal, out of this world and impossible for me now. look how ugly I am, seriously! 45 and never married, what do you think most people think?

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  • At 45, you shouldn't give a f*** what people think, except what matters to you. There are tons of women who are in there 40s who are not married or without a child. Or even have chosen to not marry but still have children. But if it matters to you, then do something about it. For starters, stop being negative..you are not ugly. You may not be happy, but you are not ugly. So, if you want to get married and have a baby - you can. Find a guy! But you have to get out there and meet men and not be so picky. Meaning if you have a list of must haves and don't haves, at some point you have to look over that list and be a bit more flexible on some things. Say YES to every invite you receive and go out. Join dating sites etc. And also consider.. do you want a child regardless of if you get married? Because you could still have a child via artificial insemination or you can foster a child or even adoption.

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