Mind blown

So I come from a small rural community, Being from a small town I was always kind of sheltered from the real things in the world and I always thought some were just stories but I found out different. I went to university in the "Big city", It was an eye opener for sure, I was with two guys before going to university but it was just normal stuff, One week into university I was, well...Raped.
Drank too much, passed out, Woke up on the couch of a guy who had been really nice to me, I was way nieve and didn't even know anything had happened until the video surfaced and I was devastated, I got drunk and my room mate left me there, Six guys had their way with me and redressed me. Needless to say that f***** me up for a while, I had a hard time with it and didn't even consider dating for a long time and then went a little off course for a while and was with a bunch of guys and even some who had been in the video which f***** me up again but then I went home for a summer, I recentered myself and got my brain straightened out.
Second year I had my mind blown, I met my room mates and after a few days one kind of gravitated toward me a little, We hung out lots and she is/was super fun, Cool, Super attractive and we just clicked until...One night we were drunk and I had taken a guy home, I ended up kicking him out which is a whole other story but it was just me and her in the residence after that, We had drank a lot and she started to open up to me. She dropped a bombshell that I was not prepared for, We kissed, We had a little lip lock and then I told her I was straight and she...Told me something. She took a long time to spit it out but she told me she is...Trans.
Ok, Like I said...Small town girl, No idea what she even meant at first, I knew she had...A b*** job, that much was obvious but she had perfect hair, Gorgeous legs, A great butt, Her b**** were fantastic, Yes I had seen them before that, She was not shy about being topless in front of us room mates and we had even felt them one night just doing silly girl stuff, I am pretty sure everyone felt everyone elses b**** that night but whatever. I at first had no idea what she meant, I was not prepapred for this and when she explained I couldn't really wrap my head around it but she calmly and methodically explained what it meant.
Ok, A little bit freaked out at first, I was like "Wait...You're a guy?"..."No", "But...You're a girl", "Yes", "But you....WTF" at first I didn't know what to say, What to do, What to think...She...Yes she had seen me naked, She had felt my b****, She had stood in the bathroom and talked to me while I showered and shaved my...Whoo Whoo, I had told her some intimate "Girl stuff" and yet she was telling me she wasn't a girl...Well she is a girl...But she's...WOW!!!!! She told me about the whole thing, The hormone therapy, The surgery and so, so much stuff and I just sat staring at her in awe looking for any signs of her being a guy...There are none, Like nothing, So I said "Wait, You are now...Fully...A girl?" and that's when she blew my mind.
She said "No, Uh, I have...One more step but haven't fully decided to take it yet".
No, No, That's not real, That's not a thing...Guess what??? IT"S REAL, She has a d***, A big ole, Floppy, circumsized d***, Big, hangy b**** and WTF!!!! I said "No", She blushed and nodded, I said "Nahhh, You're f***** with me?", She stood up and closed the door, Locked it and came back, She stood in front of me and asked if I wanted to see it. I was still in my head thinking "Nahhhh, There is no way" so I said "Sure" So yeah ok, Down go the pants and underwear and out flops this big, Fat c***, I look up, I look down, I look up and it just wasn't registering. Standing in front of me is a beautiful girl, Gorgeous to be real honest, Beautiful blonde hair, beautiful face, Eyes, Lips, beautiful body and then...There is a very large d***...WTF??
I kept looking at it, I leaned side to side thinking there was no way it was real and she finally said "You can touch it", I didn't even hesitate, I grabbed it and it was f****** real, I was huge, warm, Half hard and I lifted it, Looked at it, I switched hands and studied it, I grabbed her b**** and she stood there and then I noticed she was getting hard...It works, Her d*** works, It's a real d*** and it gets hard, I looked up at her and she blushed, shrugged and put her hand on my head, and I started sucking her. Ok, Don't judge, I was drunk, Holding a d*** in my hand and had recently gotten all worked up and kicked out the guy who had caused it. I sucked...Her d***...Ok, Wrap your head around this, I have known her as nothing other than a female room mate until this point and I now have her huge d*** in my mouth, She pushed me back on the bed, Pulled off my sweats and f***** me, Came inside and we had the best o***** together then spent the night kissing and cuddling.
Yeah so next morning she is gone, I am laying in bed thinking about the night before wondering if I had been drugged and it was all a dream or what the h*** but then she came back to my room, Closed the door and locked it and f***** me again, Then once more before we went downstairs.
Our other two room mates were home by this time and didn't say a word until later but then one said "So...You and Mandy?", I was like "Huuuh?", they both giggled and said "Uuuhhh yeah we heard you this morning" so I am like "F***, Do they know?, Has she told anyone else her...Secret or do they think I am gay now?", I just played embarrassed which I was but as soon as Mandy got home I told her, She said she hadn't told anyone but me and her parents of course so...We moved out at the end of the year after having a "Lesbian" relationship for the full time and have now been together 3 years.
Yeah so that's where my life has taken me...FML.

Dec 2, 2020

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  • Ignore the rude replies, they're probably rapists. I'm sorry that you were raped but glad you're happy now.

  • Geez, 22, Female and now I want to find a trans, Best of both worlds....

  • I am a female who would love to find a stuation like this, Not sure if this is real but relish it if it is.

  • True stories are never textwalls.

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