Mother In Law

I am married with two kids. However, I've always had a thing for my mother in law. She seems to be a pious person and all and her husband is 68 years old whereas she is 50. She shared alot of her past stories with me and likes talking to me. I dont know if she really likes me or she wants to be close with me in that manner. I know for the matter of fact that she has not had s** for many years. I have masturbated many times thinking about her. I dont know what I should do. And I'm not clear if she really likes me in that way or just in the normal way. At the same time I do not want to ruin anything.

Dec 3, 2020

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  • First thing you have to do is taste that sweet pu$$y.then she will be yours forever.

  • Go slow and steady start small work Your way into her pu$$y

  • Go on don't stop there there's way more to the story than that

  • Any idea on how and what needs to be done??

  • Don't f*** a granny u r*****
    so u literally think that she wants to f*** you just because she talks to you????
    shes ur mother in law, like ur mom, and ur like her son ffs

  • Every boy wants to f@@k his mother.

  • Nature is a jigsaw that fits together perfectly and homosexuality is when you try to put two pieces together that don't fit. Enjoy h***.

  • Get closer with her. She will allow you to f*** her - you will enjoy a s**-starved mature women.

  • How sure are you that she will allow him to f*** her? Like in what grounds are you saying that?

  • I’m an older woman and I know that any older woman would not hesitate to spread her legs for a young hard c***.

  • Are you ready to spread your legs for this big fat hard c*** 9 in by 3 in can you take it all Mommy

  • I can handle it! My hubby is 8 inches.

    My kitty needs a good stretching. Sounds like your the man for the job.

    I’m 49. How old are you?

  • How do I contact you.? I'm 33 years old. Let's stretch you out real good.

  • Where are you from?

    I’m 49 and a mother of 3. I have long dark brown hair, blue eyes and a full bush.

    I’m 5 foot 9 and my measurements are 36, 28 42. My breast squeeze into a C cup but they are not as perky as having nursed three kids they sag a bit.

    I gave natural child birth to all three kids 19,17 and 13.

    Let me know if your still interested

  • That really nice and good features you have right there. It doesn't matter if your breast sag or of it doesn't. What matters is you. How can I contact you?

  • I live in Texas where are you?

  • Hi Ma'am. Thank you for taking your time to reply to this post. I understand what you said, but she seems to be quite a very disciplined and strict person. How do I go about this then? Since you are a woman what are the tips and advises that you'll give?

  • Show her you are interested in how she feels and show you share interests.

    It may take time but get to where you get closer to her. When you can tell her she looks good. Give her kisses and hugs when you see her as a greeting or as you leave. Extend the length of the embrace over time. When you can embrace her firmly be sure your erect. I never met a woman who was not turned on my a hug from a man with a hard c***.

    She may not jump on you then but I bet she smiles. If she does whisper and tell her “you always make that happen”

    She will blush and find reasons for you to visit her alone and help with some chores. Then she will become your w**** :)

  • Nice

  • The best advise given on this post to be honest. Bery straightforward and rationale. There's a win win situation for both parties. Go for it dude. You only live once. Give her the f****** that she's yearned for.

  • Go for it dude, try to f*** her

  • Don't ruin the sanctimony of your marriage, bro! As for your MIL, she is definitely overstepping the boundaries of your marriage. Tell her to find her own man and please respect your wife.

  • I would suggest saying she looks stressed or tired and offer a massage.. start on shoulders..and slowly move more around her and see if she stops you. Everytime you do it, make it more risky..and after a few months...maybe

  • This is a really good idea mate. Perhaps I should try this and see. By this I should be able to know if she really is interested with me or it was just me overthinking and assuming.

  • Let me know how it goes. I’ll be waiting WET with anticipation. Your MIL is one lucky lady

  • Sure mate. I'll let you know how it goes. Definitely. Especially after trying this out. Let me know if you would like done help too. ;)

  • I do not think it is wise to move on this, however as an opinion, I believer that she would not have shared her s** life with you unless she was not expecting you do share with her. She wants you to know she is sexually frustrated and needs some help. Sooooooo you look like you have been hit on.

  • But she did not specifically share about it though. She shares alot of things but this has come up like once in 30 conversations. But apart from her s** life she likes to share like so much of things with me. But yet she says that I'm like her son although she does not share alot of things with her own son. You get what I mean?

  • Go for it .

  • Its easy to say go for it mate. But it is his mil. If you're in his shoes, what would you have done and how?

  • I agree. There is no up side. it only turns out bad and honestly the fantasy is perfect.

  • So you mean I should just leave it as a fantasy and do absolutely nothing about it?

  • Stick to wanking. It will only lead to hurt.
    And anyway, I doubt she would betray her daughter.

  • Thank you so much for taking your time to reply. Truly appreciate it. It's just that I am so confused at the signs that she was giving me and furthermore she's not legally married to the man she's currently living with for the past 30 years. If there's anything in the house I'd be the first person she would look for. Hence, I am super confused.

  • Go for it! You will regret it if you don't, you both have a chance at happiness, I promise you it was the best thing I ever did

  • How do I go for it? Because I dont have a clue if she feels the same for me or she just looks at me like her child or something you know. I just dont wanna ruin anything at the same time. How did you go for it?? Mind sharing any tips with me? Plus, another reason I'm kinda contemplating is cause you know she seems to be speaking about God and all most of the time. But there's this inner thing that tells me that she might like me too.

  • Now is the perfect time of year to put a move on her and get away with it I will help if you want?

  • Yes please. I'm seriously in need of help and advise on how about to go with it. Mind sharing your email with me or I can share my email though. Like how do I get in touch with you on this matter

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