Anyone ever caught red handed shaving their full bush off?

I was just wondering if anybody (female) was erlver caught. I am a male and have never shaved,trim or cut it.

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  • If you have never trimmed or shaved it nobody is gonna go anywhere near it

  • Never, but got caught with a banana up my ** which is probably worse

  • Ugh, there's been a run on ** stories that include the word "caught" in them. How exactly does one get "caught" shaving? Trying to put that "tee hee, me so naughty" spin on every little thing is distressingly lame. Kindly get a life.

  • This

  • I shave my wife weekly, so it is easier to see when we go out with her having no ** on.

  • I'm 14 and my mom has no conception of privacy she walked in on me shaving it before. I'm a ginger so I hate having a ginger bush it's so unattractive

  • Keep your ginger **. As you get older guys will go wild for you. You are young enjoy your body. Don't shave it off, just neatly trim it.

  • ** ! I've got a thing about ginger girls with a full bush and teens in school uniform! I could do you darlin'.

  • Haha I love dressing up as a school girl, I'm more into diapers and pacifiers rn tho

  • Honey let me give you some motherly advice.

    You have been given a gift. Don’t shave that beautiful red bush. My husband loves red bush. My bush is dark but I love watching him eat and ** our red headed neighbor. It drives him wild.

    She is sooo HOT

  • I feel like guys will find it unattractive if I do, and I'm think about starting to venture into girls more so and I feel like it would gross them out more.

  • No way. Red Bush is the best. I love a woman with red **. Men go wild for it

  • Do they really, I feel like most guys my age don't, I'm more into older guys a girls anyways but still it's no fun to not tease lol

  • Older guys love red bush. They get tired of shaved or dark bushes and love something different

  • Are you for real ? Blokes don't shave it trim their ** and neither should women !
    As my bird says, "If you've got Hair it's meant to Be thee."

  • *there

    c'mon ya limey bastich, get with the program

  • What's your point you yank ** ?

  • Just giving a limey a friendly poke, ya melt

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