Doubts on dating a guy that went to trade school

A guy at work likes me but he didn’t go to college. He’s an electrician, two years older but went to trade school.

I graduated HS with a 4.0, voted president of numerous academic clubs. I was chosen to represent our school in the annual Math Bowl and I was the reason we took home first place. My ACT score was 38. I land a full scholarship to a top ranked university in the country and graduated top in my class with honors along with other awards. I graduated last May with a Master’s in mechanical engineering. I was recruited by many companies and one of the largest auto parts manufacturers in the US. With my impressive resume and accomplishments, I was a little bummed because they consider me an ‘entry level’ engineer.

I had only been with the company 2 weeks when I met Billy. At first things started out weird. He was asking me personal questions like ‘are you dating anyone? can we text each other? Then things got creepy. Each morning he was waiting for me and would open the door and say, “WOW! you look nice.” He’d offer to buy me a latte from the cafeteria then compliment my hair, eyes and outfit. Who degrades women like that? I was so freaked out, I wanted to quit! I discussed it with my manager. She said he’s being nice but would be willing to have a talk with him. I couldn’t sleep and my stomach was so sick from being talked to like that. I insisted on talking to HR. The HR manager is a male and I knew who he’d take up for. I insisted on seeing Debbie, the assistant HR manager. I was surprised when she took up for him too, however, she agreed to begin the process to have him moved to another division. I was a little relieved but remember my professors warning females about work place behavior and no matter what we do, WE will be treated different from then on. In this case everyone would know why Billy got reassigned and I would be a bad person.
Debbie said he’s not a bad guy. She admitted she doesn’t know him well but did know he missed a lot of work two years ago to take care of his fiancé. She got cancer & Duke University tried stem cells but she passed away before they could get married. Debbie got involved because he was using time without pay. People started donating vacation hours and money to help him. Debbie thought he was being nice and asked me to delay transferring him. Here we go again, they always take up for the male!
I was invited to a cook-out and Billy was there. We talked and he asked me to dinner. I’d like to but he didn’t go to college. I’m still facebook friends with former professors. What would they think if I started dating someone that went to trade school?

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  • You won't be happy until you find someone whose opinion of you is as high as your opinion of yourself. I honestly don't believe that is possible. I've know people who couldn't go to, or finish, college who are smarter than most of the "educated" people I know. A degree proves you can regurgitate information. There are other skills just as, if not more, important. It wouldn't hurt you to recognize that.

  • Bless. Your. Heart... It's sad that you base a relationship off of what other people think of you. Is that really any way to show you're an adult? You have the ability to learn from this so I hope you take it. If he was grabbing you or if you'd described why him complimenting you made you feel objectified I'd possibly have a slightly different reaction but right now you sound like someone who can't tell the difference between a compliment and an insult.

  • You should not date him. Not because there is something wrong with him, but because you will not be able to overcome your bigotry. I have walked in both worlds (construction sites and have multiple degrees) and have found no correlation between education level and intelligence or quality of character. Also, it is a quality inherent in your generation that you have almost zero experience in the real world but expect to be treated as royalty in your first job. Guess what, you ARE entry level. Because you are not willing to accept this, it is likely that you will not stay in your first job long. You will feel under-appreciated and move on to find a place where you "matter". Do you know what matters? Hard work and integrity matter. The electrician may have those traits and may not, but you are unable to see through your own delusion to find out. ** your generation infuriates me...

  • I'm not a bigot! You are and don't have to be so rude about my confession! You are jealous because studies have proven that my generation IS the smartest! That's why it's not fair and an insult to be called 'entry level'! You don't understand or ever will! It's stressful thinking of dating someone that didn't attend college. Those people are classified as 'uneducated'. I worked hard to get my degree and my professors know that! I still communicate and follow them on fb. I know they would think less of me if I dated someone that's 'uneducated'. They told us not to! It's not fair for you to attack me like that. You don't even know me! I've lived a hard life and experienced trauma! My parents almost got a divorce and I had a bf that broke up with me just because I was smarter than him.

  • OF course there is nothing wrong with making a living using your hands. People who have learned a trade are free to go anywhere and live anywhere.
    College education on the other hand is next to useless. But we have been dumbed down to the point of retardation. And that has been achieved by our task masters introducing the Prussian education system. It is learning against leaning. Read the book:


  • Let me give you some motherly advice.

    There is nothing wrong with trade school. Heck an electrician can make more than many people with a 4 year degree

    The important thing is if he is a good person and loves you. And also how good he is in bed. Heck if he has a 9inch ** with nice girth you marry that boy!

  • This new rash of "Let me give you some motherly advice." posts is some 700-lb pseudo-intellectual who will be need to cut out of its home when it dies

  • Wow, elitist much? And in a society where higher education (even Ivy League) is basically a lucrative diploma mill scheme?

    I know Ph.Ds who can barely write a coherent sentence and trade school graduates who handle life with more class and aplomb than anyone else I've met. Three guesses as to which demographic I'd rather hang with. And I'd dismiss your princess a$$ within ten seconds of you opening that hole under your nose, because only ugliness comes out of it.

    Go find some vapid little Ken doll at Daddy's country club, you can't handle the real world.

  • Wtf? So some guy flirts a little bit with you. You try to get him fired rather than just tell him that you’re not interested. Then later on you talk to him and consider dating him? You are seriously screwed up. I really hope that guy meets someone better than you. Not in terms of career but in terms of basic human decency that you obviously lack.

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