Cheating on my husband

Do I ask for forgiveness?
I was recently speaking to a guy on Facebook who lived just down the road from me in Great Yarmouth and the conversation got quite steamy. It was more exciting as I was on my phone in the living room while my husband was there. He wanted to meet up and as I don't work and my husband does it wasnt going to be a problem.
I thought it would be nice to meet for coffee.
Anyway I met him last week and it was great but I got a bit carried away especially when he was saying how beautiful my t*** were, I'm quite a large breasted lady.
So we leave the coffee shop and go in his car to a parking spot in the country. I've never done d****** or anything in public so I just didn't know.
Anyway we start kissing and he has his hand up my skirt and gets my t*** out when I notice a couple of guys looking through the window.
I start to panic but he just carries on and I get so hot I don't care.
He gets his c*** out and pulls me down so I can suck him.
Well it's quite awkward in the car so he gets out and comes to my door, opens it and stuffs his c*** back in my mouth.
There I am, skirt around my waist with a c*** in my mouth being watched by 2 strangers.
He eventually comes in my mouth gets back in the car and we drive off.
I was so embarrassed but excited as well.
The problem is that he wants to do it again in the same place but I feel so guilty.
What should I do?

Dec 6, 2020

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  • My mother frequently cheats on her husband. I live at home with my parents, and I have s e x with my mother whenever my father goes to the pub in the evening. This has been going on since I was 13 years old. Mum likes nothing better than to feel me spunking off inside her. Dad has now idea what he get up to when he goes out in the evening.

  • You sound sexy Helen! Imagine the h**** saucy time you could be having if you weren’t being taken to d****** areas. Or did you like being watched and wanked over, you’re probably part of those guys fantasy now. Love to hear more. You excite me!

  • Please tell more, it’s a huge turn on reading your confessions Helen!

  • I always wanted my wife to f*** another man n i watch and finally got my own way . it was magical watching them f*** and i loved it so much got them to do it non stop but the f****** turned into lovemaking . she got pregnant for him and she left me .

  • Well done you being able to meet him for a coffee in the Yarmouth area without being spotted in the first place. I live here and usually everyone eventually finds out what you’re up to.
    Probably best to quit whilst you’re ahead. As already suggested if public s** is exciting you broach the subject with your husband you might be surprised by his reaction. He may have desires he has been too scared to mention to you, you may both end up with a very exciting relationship.

  • Many people find s** in public exciting. This is why d****** has become so popular with couples. Why not try to get your husband to take you to a country park and see how much fun it is. If he responds positively, you could have your new friend meet you there and join in.

  • If you enjoyed it and got excited by it do it again , just treat it for what it is a bit of fun , dont fall for this guy cause that will cause you problems

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