PT Job

Back in late August got a pt job at a local gym 6-9pm caters to alot of ex pro athletes became friends with a large handsome black man my age mid forties who would walk me to my car after closing . He asked me out but being married I declined . These after work walks to my car after a few weeks have evolved into passionate makeout sessions and on a stormy nite I sucked him off in the back of his Tahoe. Told the husband about my new friend Ron and he was very turned on by the fact of me being attracted to a black man .told me to invite him over for lunch sat while he was playing golf which I did .My husband is 56 5'10 with a 5 inch p**** Ron is 6'6 with over a 9 inch c*** I cannot on the pill . Saturday rolled around Ron came by left before the husband came home.had the most incredible s** of my life didn't think I could take him inside me but I did now we have been f****** for several months am now on the pill.have fallen in love with Ron husband's concerned someone will find out I'm f****** a black man .I'm at the point of no return I want Ron to impregnate me with his potent sperm have recently got off the pill.

Dec 6, 2020

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  • My wife never had black c*** but we do play with a black d**** thinking shes getting black c*** .

  • Be careful my husband had me watch interacial p*** it was quite a turn on with their large p**** . S** was good he is 10 years older than myself .I met Ron working at gym big beautiful black man with a much larger p**** . It evolved into s** now after 6 months . At first my husband was ok then our s** frequency diminished and I would just let him have courtsey s** . With Ron I actually have multiple o****** . Will be divorcing my husband and starting a life together with Ron . Be careful stay safe

  • Congratulations on having a husband that supports your extra martial desires. However he may not be too pleased that you want to have a baby with your lover. Why spoil a good thing?

  • Have since stopped having courtesy s** with my husband . Ron has asked me to move in after the first of the year when his girls go to live with their mother . Don't know how to tell my grown kids that their 46 year old mother is pregnant with her black lovers baby and going to live with him.

  • Must be some good d***

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