Wife Susan

I have posted a couple of our experiences since Susan has become a shared wife and she is getting comfortable with it now and she even suggests it on occasion if I don't .
We usually run an add but with this virus going around we cooled it somewhat but this afternoon the kids had left with their grandparents to visit Susan's sister in Nevada for the weekend her and I were relaxing on the couch witching a western and she was sipping a wine while I was doing the same to a beer.
Sue cuddled up against me and said do you miss the times we messed around with other guys and I laughed and said are you getting h**** and it was her turn to laugh then she said a little yes want to go out and see if we can get lucky?
I said OK where shall we start ? ( I had bought a 1994 Dodge Van for this purpose but we also used it when we went camping because it has a bed in the back and Captains chairs n the back also ).
We started out at the Texas Roadhouse because we had lucked out there before but all the guys had their wives or girlfriends with then so I suggested the Travis Air base where their is an Adult book store in a small shopping center and it is jut right outside of the Air Base entrance.
IT was after 8: PM when we pulled up outside of the center and I parked out by the trees where only a few cars were and we went inside.
We had agreed to look around for a guy then she would point him out to me and I would approach him with our preposition.
There were at least 30 guys in there and Susan checked them out as we walked around she was dressed in her short skirt and almost see through blouse and her nipples' were clearly outlined and I could see that she was excited because her nipples were hard little nubs .
I asked if she had picked out a guy yet and she laughed her husky sexual laugh and said that young guy over by the counter I like him.
I said wait here and I will ask.
I walked over to him and asked if I could have a word with him and he said sure so I took him aside and said look over there at that gal by the books that is my wife and she said that she wants t f*** you.
He said you got to be kidding right ??
I wasn't surprised that she had picked a black guy she has done that before and I said yes or no dude that is what she said and he looked around hesitant and I said she is going to pick someone else if you don't want dude and he said sure yea I would like that where ?
I said I have a van outside waiting and I gave Susan the thumb and forefinger in a circle and she smiled at us and walked out the door.
Hw said I don't have any money if that is what you want but I laughed and said we do this a lot she gives great head to and he said F*** man f*** as he followed me out and Susan was standing by the cargo door and when waited for us to come up then she said take your pants of and sit on the captains chair so I can straddle your c*** and let me do all the work and you can suck on my tutties if you want I want to c** first then I will give you head until you c**.
He was kind f tall and he had to undress on his knees then get up in the chair and Susan followed him in and she only had to stoop over a little when she unzipped her skirt and undid her blouse and let it hang open .
His c*** was quickly growing as she on her knees stroked him and said don't c** in me I can c** pretty quick this way and she sucked him into her mouth stroking his c*** until he got hard then she stood up laughing at how uncomfortable it was as she took his c*** and worked it up and down her slit until he was slimy with her lube then she lowered herself onto his lap as his c*** disappeared into her p****.
She moved her hips around getting comfortable then she began to move in his lap asking him if he liked it and he grunted um hum .
Susan too her b****** in her hands and offered then to his mouth and he sucked then one after the other and Sue almost purred as she began to slide back and forth on his c*** then she worked her hand in between then and began to rub her c*** cooing and murmuring loving the feel of his hot flesh inside of her p**** saying oh baby I love this as she fingered her slit and it had been awhile so she came very quickly telling him don't c** in me don't you c** in me as she held his mouth on her b****** then she said bite me bit me hard and he did and she cried out grinding her p**** against his groin her body convulsed in o***** as she ground her p**** against him her breath rasping loudly and the Oder of their f****** was almost overpowering in these confines as her body jerked and her belly muscled spasmed as she came until she stopped and laid her head on his shoulder gasping for breath for long seconds until he said I an ready t c** now and Susan jumped off his lap and quickly kneeled saying wait don c** yet then she sucked his c*** head into her mouth and stated stroking his c*** .
Once he lost control and pulled her head down on his c*** and she gagged and long strands of her thick slimy saliva hung from her mouth and chin swinging wildly but Susan regained control and finished him off with his c*** head in her mouth but her blouse was covered with her saliva and then he grunted saying I'm gonna c** and I watched his c*** pulse and it looks' like it swelled up and recoiled up with each spurt as Susan swallowed sucking as hard as she could as he spent himself in her mouth .
Susan lovingly licked his c*** head and shaft and she laughed in delight knowing that she had pleased him .
We drove home and She sucked me off while I was driving and it was a challenge when I came trying to concentrate on keeping my car on the road.

Dec 11, 2020

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  • Susan sounds incredibly hot. Would love to hear more. I am in Solano. Jaminbenxo@gmail.com

  • I wish my wife was up for this

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