Rudy ghouliani

This is truth teller can you believe that son of a b**** rudy ghouliani was bragging about being a celebrity and that he would not have gotten over the COVID-19 so quickly had he not been a “ celebrity “ ! While thousands of people are dying every day! F****** unbelievable! He is a p*** poor excuse for a human being, and in fact he is is nothing more than a pile of s*** 💩🦠💀maybe he will burn in h*** with all the other trump a****** licker’s !

Dec 11, 2020

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  • Please get help; reasonable message but so confusing with spelling and emoji.

  • Yes he is a k*** as are many so called"celebrities" .
    But there is
    NO F****** VIRUS !!!
    The only people dying are those due to die soon anyway:-
    Old people and the people with health issues !!!
    The.virus hype is a load of bollocks.

  • I wish this virus would do its job right and only kill off the stupid ones. It would have been over by now if it weren't for them.

  • How stupid are you?
    Did you dictate to an adult to get this message online? Because you are way too f ucking dumb to use a keyboard.

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