Wanted to try swinging

My girlfriend and I discussed spicing up our s** life. There isn't wrong or boring with it, we just wanted to explore more. We finally decided to try swinging. Or even just meet a couple that we could connect with but since the covid hit this year we put it all on hold. Kinda sucks because we were so ready to experience a new thing in the bedroom. We still tried out some hook up sites to see if people were still doing this. Only to find weird very unattractive people, not saying we're models or anything. My fantasy of watching my lady with another guy or girl is such a huge turn on for me. Hopefully one day.

Dec 14, 2020

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  • Where are you located?

  • Washington state

  • Bummer, my hubby and I are in Texas

  • Thats too bad

  • Let me know if you ever make it down this way. I love watching my hubby f*** other women. He has a 8 inch c*** so he rocks there world.

    He doesn’t like me to f*** other men but you sound like a young couple. I may be able to talk him into allowing us to f*** if you are into learning a few trick from a 49 year old mother of 3

  • I don't mind learning a few things, i may be younger but I'd surprise you. But if your hubby doesn't allow you to f*** other men, honestly i wouldn't allow him to f*** my woman. 8 inch c*** or not.

  • I'd love to do the same but my wife isn't up for it. I'd love to be f****** a woman while my wife is next to me being f*****. Soooo hot

  • Its super hot.

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