Bought a half G of ice earlier this evening... well my gf fell asleep early and I had an idea to slip my 12 yr old step son a few Lunesta. Which worked perfectly btw. Then I completely stripped naked, phone in hand entered step sons bedroom and turned on the light and gently pulled off his pj's. I then laid down next to his fully unconscious sleeping body and spent 2.5 hours running my fingers over him first. Then sucked up his little soft d*** head into my mouth and then opened my mouth wide and fit entire pelvic area including his tiny p**** and s****** before running my tongue up and down his taint line. I then rolled him over on his stomach, pulled his cheeks apart and buried my tongue as deep in his beautiful tight hairless a****** randomly squeezing a finger or 2 in until it felt loosened up enough to squeeze the head of my c*** in him, slowly going deeper and harder until I overflowed him with my c**. I got up off of him, rolled him back over and said goodbye by slipping my c*** wet with c** and ass juice into his mouth, pulled it out and French kissed him hard. Then I simply put his pj's on him turned his light out and did some more meth. Im kinda thinking I should probably feel bad or guilty but I absolutely do not. It was a dream come true. Nobody was harmed at all. Tween aged boy ass tastes and feels on the tongue even better than I've fantasized about all these years. Really think I'll just make this a regular thing. Unforgettable



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  • This post is bullshit, no one wants to read this crap your saying that you made up

  • "It was a dream come true" - Skip the "come true" lie and you get the truth.

  • Ok, first of all I’m a nurse. I work in an ED of a MAJOR county hospital. I have actually seen what happens to the a.nus, the r.ectum, and the associated structures of children who are a.nally raped. First off, there’s a LOT of bleeding...a LOT! Second, before anyone says “lube, you moron” no adult could ever get in IN without lube... and a LOT of that too! (Ever tried w/ your gf/wife? Could you get it in 1st time w/o lube? No! So ALL child rapists have to use lube by necessity. Yet STILL, the child will require immediate surgical intervention to repair the massive tissue tearing. Jesus, ask any adult woman whose ever tried a*** how it “felt” the next day, ask HER (an adult) if she didn’t even notice! No, she’ll tell you this... “well, it friggin’ hurt like a motherf***er, and I didn’t s*** right for a week”! But YOUR child, just woke-up, took a s***, went to school, and didn’t notice a thing! The only ppl who could even REMOTELY a fall for this crock, are complete and utter morons! So congratulations a$$hole, you just made up a bullsh1t story that only fools complete and total idiots believe!

  • I was thinking the exact same. I have no medical education, but I work with underage victims of sexual abuse as a social worker. The post is complete and obvious unrealistic fantasy.

  • Report all these mother f****** who do these evil acts! Are you too afraid to lose your job? Something not right about peoples heads when they stand back and do nothing! Murderous/sick and deranged culture!

  • This site make me so sick! No wonder the universe is the way it is. Everything has become so unjust, perverted and devious. The good men are paying for all the Bustards sins! There is a God and I know most of the corrupt will go to H***!

  • "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Did you forget what your god said? ...and all of you morally- indignant self-righteous "Conservative" hypocrites voted for a living Satan ...twice. How much pain and destruction has that caused? ...and he's still on an execution killing spree now. All of that is YOUR fault ...yet you troll through sites like this and voice your outrage and fake garbage that teenage boys write just to provoke reactions. Who are the real morons here?

  • You've proven with your post that you're moron.

  • YOU!

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