Faking it

Believe it or not, I'm female and I've don't think I've ever had an o*****. At least, I think I haven't. I've been having s** for about 6 years now and still can only think of one isolated time I've ever thought I'd gotten off. It was about four years ago.

I m********* occasionally, and it feels good, but never as awesome as anyone makes it sound, and never as awesome as the one time I thought I truly had an o*****. I fake it constantly with my partners, even though I love the s** and have a high s** drive, I never seem to get off.

I don't know if I either just don't appreciate all of the "little" o****** I have, or if I don't get off at all.

If anyone who knew me knew about this, they would be absolutely shocked, as I am very open about my sexuality and LOVE to please in the bedroom.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I had this same problem, faked it with everyone but my husband. its definately more of a mental thing, you have to be relaxed and just focus on how good it feels, dont think 'was that it' or worry about reaching o*****, that is definately not going to work. the first time i actually had one was in the bath tub, i really think u should try it. scoot urself under the faucet with the water running and just move where it feels good and relax. u will know when it happens, good luck :)

  • ^Good advice for a start. Its about slowly getting to the point. Postpone the actual insertion and focus more on oral and mutual masturbation. If you need the assistance of a toy or video to keep an erotic frame of mind flowing by all means go for it.

    You have to know your body first before you can tell someone what you like. So find a erotic book (F**** Hill is a nearly laughable classic, but has some hot scenes.).

    Focus on your c*** and surrounding area, the entrance (Only about a inch or two is sensitive so you don't need to go deep.). Do you know what people mean by a g-spot? Its about 2 to 3 inches in, on the top side. its a little area that feels smoother and seems to have a little firmer tone than the rest. Rub there after a bit of masturbation.

    These are just hints. You can find out more with google.

  • A woman's biggest s** organ is her brain. Get yourself revved with your absolute hottest fantasy and have your guy TAKE HIS TIME. If you're faking, you're more worried about what HE thinks and in reality, he should be worrying about YOUR sexual needs as well. It's not a one way street.

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