Spill all ig

I just want to hear what y'all really think, ⚠️please leave out any rape/murder(and anything else like that) fantasy⚠️ anything else is fair game, I just wanna hear what you'd fantasy about doing with me. I'm 4'11", I have 36C t***, I'm 14, I have natural thick red hair, I'm a cheerleader, I am a little chubby (123 lb) most my weight goes to my thighs, hips, ass, and t****** ,I've wrote on here a few times so if the description sounds familiar, I wear glasses. I'm into ddlg half the time lol the other half I want to be spit on slapped and bit. You can say I'm a thirsty pedo do it idc I know what's under my panties. Please don't give hate to any older guys commenting unless it's like vulgar and includes things I asked not to post lmaooo. Other than that have a wonderful day.

Dec 17, 2020

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  • Well I'm a 27 yo mom, but I'm into younger girls like you.

    I'd probably diaper you and make you go p*** and s*** in it before I ate your little girl p****, savoring the sweet taste of your p*** 😁

  • One of my fantasies is to be in a diaper and used by an older woman

  • My wickr is grungy hit me up, love ddlg

  • I have a daddy lol

  • I'd Ygfunguy

  • Hi I'm sorry people are being such a*******, it sounds like you're who you say you are so I trust you. You sound really sweet btw so I hope my fantasy doesn't bore you. (Also I'm 15 and I've been called pedo for saying my age so the same happens to me lmao) Anyway sorry if this is weird but you sound really cute! This might be too vanilla for you but I want to kiss up your thigh and lick your c*** as fast or slow as you want and finger you (only if you like that) until you're begging to c** and then stop so that I'm edging you and pushing you to your limits. And then if you said yes I would put my d*** inside slowly and get faster the more you moaned while grabbing your ass and kissing you. Ahhhh s*** that probably sounds so gross I'm sorry but I hope it didn't freak you out or bore you

  • Thank you❤️

  • Bullshit like this is why I'm glad there's a pandemic going on. Just wish it targeted morons a little better

  • Lol I'm 14 so sure i guess. End of the day ik how old I am and what's between my legs, you're just some old f***** mad you didn't get any jerking material

  • My fantasy involves raping and murdering 14 year old girls with big mouths. I would come on to you all sweetness and nurturing and be a good listener. When your guard was down (and it would go down quickly because you are a moron with an undeveloped brain and I am smarter than you), I'd introduce you to the homeless guys I have hired to run a train on you. Your big mouth would be muffled by one crusty d0ng after another being shoved into it while another guy was working your more useful end. By the end of it you would be covered in dumpster filth and begging for release, which would happen slowly, oh so slowly. Your last cries would be recorded for me to whack it to long after your big t*** and big ass and big mouth had rotted in their unmarked grave.
    Now I have LOTS of jerking material, and the boundaries you laid down have been violated. Watch your back little girl, this world isn't a good place for stupid children who don't know what they're dealing with.

  • Fake. Random dude looking for fantasies to j******* to. If that's your thing too, by all means, enjoy each other. ;)

  • Cant j*** off to a d*** I don't have. Why do all guys do this, maybe it's just bc I'm p***** off abt something else, but it's so g****** annoying. A teen boy post and no one says s*** abt it I post and I'm fake. F*** you. All the b****** like you, you ain't got a damn clue who TF I am. What am I supposed to do give out my insta so y'all check it out and ask to see my t***, you suck. Yes I'm 14. Yes I was h**** so I wrote that. Yes take it up the ass sideways old f*****

  • I would love to lay you down in a field after an afternoon of flashing and touching. And see where the day goes

  • Not the most flattering comment to comment on but thank you for writing what I asked

  • You'll be lying down in a field all right. Your body might even be found before the coyotes are done picking at it.

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