Spill all ig

I just want to hear what y'all really think, ⚠️please leave out any rape/murder(and anything else like that) fantasy⚠️ anything else is fair game, I just wanna hear what you'd fantasy about doing with me. I'm 4'11", I have 36C t***, I'm 14, I have natural thick red hair, I'm a cheerleader, I am a little chubby (123 lb) most my weight goes to my thighs, hips, ass, and t****** ,I've wrote on here a few times so if the description sounds familiar, I wear glasses. I'm into ddlg half the time lol the other half I want to be spit on slapped and bit. You can say I'm a thirsty pedo do it idc I know what's under my panties. Please don't give hate to any older guys commenting unless it's like vulgar and includes things I asked not to post lmaooo. Other than that have a wonderful day.



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  • Bullshit like this is why I'm glad there's a pandemic going on. Just wish it targeted morons a little better

  • Lol I'm 14 so sure i guess. End of the day ik how old I am and what's between my legs, you're just some old f***** mad you didn't get any jerking material

  • Fake. Random dude looking for fantasies to j******* to. If that's your thing too, by all means, enjoy each other. ;)

  • Cant j*** off to a d*** I don't have. Why do all guys do this, maybe it's just bc I'm p***** off abt something else, but it's so g****** annoying. A teen boy post and no one says s*** abt it I post and I'm fake. F*** you. All the b****** like you, you ain't got a damn clue who TF I am. What am I supposed to do give out my insta so y'all check it out and ask to see my t***, you suck. Yes I'm 14. Yes I was h**** so I wrote that. Yes take it up the ass sideways old f*****

  • I would love to lay you down in a field after an afternoon of flashing and touching. And see where the day goes

  • Not the most flattering comment to comment on but thank you for writing what I asked

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