Principle's office

It was my last day of school. I was called down to the principle's office. I swore the whole way down there, thinking I was in trouble for too many tardies or beating up Marcus the other day. But when I got there I was surprised to see my smiling principle wave me in. She had me sit down next to her, away from her desk. She told me that she was very proud of me for achieving what she called "academic excellence" or some s*** like that. Okay, I said. Thanks. I got up to leave but she called me back. She told me how she was also proud of me for being such a helpful tutor. Well yeah, I said, tutors are supposed to be helpful. Plus I was getting paid. She thought I said "laid". She was shocked, outraged. I wanted to correct her, but the way that "laid" rolled off of her tongue (her TONGUE) just made me go suddenly hard. Yeah, I said, so? She started to get uncomfortable. I could tell because she blushed and swiped her bangs from off of her forehead. Her perfectly angular face came back up to meet my scarred one and she smiled. The same exact smile she gave me when I first came in. You want to show me sometime? She asked in a whisper. I had to do a double take. Dude, the principle just hit on me!! I could not believe me luck. Sure, I said, trying to act all debonair. I was about to give her my number when she stood up and drew the blinds around the windows of her office. She locked the door and made room on her desk, the same place she decided to straddle on two seconds later. I looked up her skirt and saw that she had on a purple lace thong. My principle is new and fairly young--I would say somewhere in her early 30's, but man, so sexy still. She told me to unbutton my pants. I said no, I would do what I wanted. So I unbuttoned them anyways. I drew them down and then slid off her flimsy thong. I grabbed her butt and drew her close to me, so that the head of my d*** was just inside of her. We f***** so hard, I could not believe my luck. She was fantastic! She would bite down on my bottom lip to stop from squealing and we changed positions so many times, I lost count. I remember doing in with her on her desk sitting, then lying back, then doggy style with her holding on to her desk chair, and my favorite--under the desk with her on top of me so that I could touch her firm, warm b******. I sucked on her nipples until they got hard and red. I loved the way they felt in my mouth. After I came I wanted to go back and relive the moment again. But then I could tell that she felt guilty. Even more so as she looked at a photo of her family sitting on a shelf behind her desk. You should get back to class, she said. I promised not to tell anyone and she believed me, seeing as it was my last day and all. I have been getting the worst erections since then just remembering our s**. I wonder if I should go back next year and visit her.

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  • Yeah, this couldn't of happened. No one cared that you two were panting and yelling in an office? No phone calls at all, and no one slipped in to explain something to her, and no one wondered where you went?

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