My roomies a weirdo

So I put an ad online for a room mate, I have a two bedroom condo and don't use the other room, A guy came along and I thought he was good, We made up an agreement and he moved in, About two weeks later we are sitting around and I had noticed he always wore big hoodies and s*** but didn't think too much about it until I looked over and could see up the leg of his..Shorts.
I jumped up and said "WTF!!!!", "He" said "What???", I said "WTF", and he just shook his head, He said "What are you freaking out about?", I said "You're not a f****** dude" and she...Notice i said she...blushed, she looked down and said "Whaaaa...Howww..." and I said "I just seen your p****" She started crying and went to her room and locked the door, I sat there staring at the floor not knowing what to do.
Looking back she is very feminine looking but I just thought maybe my "Male" room mate was gay, I didn't think too much about it, I didn't see her for the rest of the day and I left that afternoon and didn't come back until the next day, When she came home she told me she was moving out and I said "Ok, Wait...Hold up, Let's talk", I appologized for freaking out but told her that I was shocked to find out and she nodded her head saying she should have told me, She left her home town and moved here, Cut her hair short and started dressing to hide her body. We actually had a really long conversation and in the end she looked at me and said "Sooo...Now what?".
I told her she was welcome to stay and that I actually wanted her to, I said I was sorry for freaking out but that she shouldn't have lied to me, She agreed and we decided to just carry on, She asked if it was ok for her to dress down around the condo and I told her of course it was, She started not wearing the big sweaters and she actually had a not half bad body, Decent legs, Not a bad a$$, flat stomach and small, Firm, Round b**** with small nips. We found ourselves sitting around one afternoon just flipping through a streaming app looking for a series to watch, we started one and in the first 2 minutes there are two girls nude going at it, I look over and she is locked on the tv and her nips are standing straight up, Tiny little glass cutters.
She notices me looking and covers them and blushes, I said "Are you...?" she says "What...Gay?", I said "Yeah, are you?", She shook her head and said "Uh...Yeah...Duh?", I said "Hey, I don't know, I have never seen you with anyone".
Oddly enough that short conversation started us on a path that is not the normal room mate relationship I don't think, She told me not many girls would give her the time of day and I told her that it was probably because most girls aren't in to small feminine men, She said "So...give me your advice". I told her to dress as a girl, and she said she didn't like to dress like a girl, I asked if she wanted me to get her laid and she laughed saying "Oh yeah, You are going to get me laid?" and I said Go shower" and she did, She came out in a towel and I said "Come with me", We went to her room and I said "Can I go in?", She nodded and we went in, I took a look in her closet, Found an outfit and said "Did you shave your legs?", She said "No", I said "Wtf, You are going out as a girl", She reluctantly headed back to the bathroom and I called out and said "Shave your p**** too", She looked at me and gasped then went back and shaved her legs and p****.
She came back in a towel again and I said "Lets have a look", She squinted at me and I said "Oh goodness, You're gay, Don't worry about it", She slowly dropped the towel and holy s***, She was actually hot, I looked at her and nodded my head and she said "What?", I said "turn?" and she did, I said "Ok, Here" I tossed her some jeans and a thong, She put them on and I spent a long time looking for just the right top so she had to hang out topless in jeans, Finally I found her a top and she said "hand me that bra right there", I said "Nooooo, No me", I had her do her makeup, Just a little light eyeliner and stuff my ex had left behind and when she came out I stopped and looked at her, She said "And the verdict?", I said "Honestly?", She nodded and I said "I hope you have your A game ready because you are gonna get f***** tonight", She blushed and rolled her eyes.
We went to the bar and it was actually a double header because my ex was there, I told my room mate I was going to play it up a bit to get girls looking and she said "Uh, Ok", I leaned in close with my arm around her and told her I would go get drinks then she smiled and nodded. She is considerably younger than I am, 14 years younger and she was looking good, No bullshit, I barely made it to the bar and my ex caught me, She said "Who's the s***", I just said "Don't worry abou it" and walked away. Long story short I laid in bed and listened to multiple o****** in the room next to mine, The girl she had brought home was very pretty, Close to her age, Long blonde hair and big floppy t***.
In the morning I heard her usher her "Friend" to the door then she poked her head in, I was laying there reading and she came in, I was surprised she was topless but she flipped the covers back, Crawled in and laid half on top of me after basically kicking my d***, One arm and one leg over me, She hugged me and said "Oh my god, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you", I hugged her back and said "You're welcome" and she just laid there with her b**** against me, I held her and after a bit she drifted off to sleep, She woke up an hour later and looked at me, She said "Oh geez, I am sorry", I told her it was fine and she just rolled over, We laid there for a while talking and she had the blankets at her waist, I had a h****** and she lifted the blankets, Raised her eyebrows and said "Congratulations", I laughed and said "Thanks".
She said "Can my sister come next week to visit", I said "Of course", She said "Maybe I can return the favor and you can give her that?" looking again, I smiled and said "Does she look like you?" and she said "Basically but with longer hair" and I said "yeah, I'd f*** the s*** out of her then", She laughed and playfully slapped me jumping out of bed.
I can't wait to meet her sister.

Dec 19, 2020

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