I have so much fear of inadaquacy and rejection. I fear that I was never good enough to be loved. As a child I was ignored. My father divorced us and then died a few months later. After a few years his family disowned us and I never heard from them again. My stepdad died just a few years ago and my Mother took my Grandparents and moved to another state. Shortly after that my twin became a drug addict and she'll never be coming back as she was. That part of her that was as close to me as anyone could be for over 30 years has died and won't ever be there again. Being married I'm in constant fear that my husband may die suddenly or he'll divorce me. I work in a special project with a small group of people and they've become like family to me, I am so afraid of losing them all that today I am choked with fear and bawling my eyes out.

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  • Get some fun n ur life mayb an affair and stop worrying

  • Thank you everyone. I will diminish my fear and love whole heartedly. I really appreciate everyones input. I didn't know if I would when I wrote my confession but I truly feel better!

  • Basically, all this because your father failed you. Know this, you are valuable no matter what.
    i used to experience life in a similar way, analyze, question, second guessing, fearful, etc, BUT, I realized people (and God) liked me for who I was anyway. I also realized doing those things were very destructive and limiting. So I built on the love and acceptance from people and the Lord and I stopped my destructive ways. I also developed great friendships with just a few people that I could trust. After a while I started to confront my fears, and then realized they were tiny and really not important. Even if the things I fear come true, it would not change me.

  • people don't die from pain... you just live with it, and while time doesn't heal the pain necessarily, it does dull it...

    consider what you would do if you weren't afraid, and then think about how being afraid stops you from doing what you want to do or who you want to be.

    let fear make you think more before doing something, but don't let it stop you from doing it.....

  • If I weren't afraid I'd probably be more giving of my feelings. It seems I'm always holding back a little.

  • it's normal to be afraid... it whether it stops you from being happy is the real question, does it ever hold you back from trying to do stuff....
    and if it does..
    my new favourite quote...

    "what would you do.... if you weren't afraid?"

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