I apologize

For years I have worked as a scientist for the United States government. what we started as a simple social experiment has now become a perverse program of mind control for the general populace. We began 25 years ago to see how people could be influenced through media and like anything else the government weaponized the science. Americans have been goaded into having short attention spans and being politically apathetic for the most part. Think about the recent election for 4 years you were told that the election of Donald j Trump was rigged by a foreign entity. Then suddenly he loses an election and all over social media the news and every other outlet you have you are being told not to question the elections that the United States has the most safe and secure elections in the world and they could never be hacked or manipulated.now I do not care which side of the political spectrum you are on because honestly they're both two sides to the same coin but the experiment was a resounding success for the government because most of you do not even question. The effectiveness of these media manipulations is only about 73% those with extra exceptionally strong minds or stubbornness in their personality traits seem to be immune. This is mitigated by the societal tidal effect. Whenever one of these people speaks up they have the rest of society telling them they are crazy or paranoid. This harkens back to an experiment done long ago with monkeys. A single monkey was introduced into an environment with a banana at the top of a post. Whenever the monkey would try to climb the post to get the banana he would be sprayed with water unmercifully. After a while he would stop trying to climb the post then another monkey would be introduced again he would try to climb the post both would be sprayed with water until he was subdued enough to not try to climb for the banana. This continued until there were about 10 monkeys in the enclosure and the water was discontinued but every time a new monkey was introduced and attempted to climb for the banana the other monkeys would attack the monkey attempting to climb. has complexes we believe we are we really are not much different than the Monkeys. I'm sorry for my part in all of this may God have mercy on my soul.

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  • I think I’m the only one who questions, why is social security going broke but welfare isn’t? Why is the government broke but creating new jobs and more police to control us. Why are our kids in school for such ungodly hours and there test grades are getting worse. Why does everyone believe in this evil regime?

  • ** this is cringe.

  • Imagine pretending to be a scientist on confession post dot com. Pretty ** sad my guy.

  • It's true that some are monkeys. You know which ones.

  • **. This isn’t a government conspiracy. That would be too onerous for our inept government. It happened naturally by tech companies making money off off the attention economy.

  • This. Developers (especially in tech) default into taking the easy way out, never taking accountability and arranging it so they themselves profit in some way. That happens behind the scenes for a while, it all eventually gets too big, then **, scenarios like this happen and the ** pointing and screaming start. But it's too late to fix now, because people refuse to take an honest look at themselves and own where they f ucked up. So enjoy being lazily monitored by useless a-holes, that's our lives now.

  • You're right, but I think the part about you having a part in it is **. You're just an armchair intellectual trying to give yourself credibility. Too bad you have to be fake like that just to get inconvenient truths out there.

  • Yep. Society is boned and people are too stupid and entitled to do anything about it.

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