Who got a wife ugly like mine

My wife got fat.

I look at my wife and I can’t see past the double chin. I want to see past the double chin I have tried to see past the double chin damn I'm blind I can't even get my d*** hard to f*** her I would stick my d*** in an a****** before this again I tried to love her but I don't that's why I barely get the words out to say I do nag nag that's all she does she has grew bigger and bigger in size I f*** other women because your f***** p**** is gapped I have been wanting the leave this b**** fo a while now I no I'm wrong for lying 🤥 her but damn I need other p**** in my life I do make money off her I use the drug her and shove objects inside her p**** and take pics thy on flicka #meatyrozaybryia she got pregnant I used draino in her drink I dont need a baby that ugly ..... I'm waiting on her to die I need her to can this day go any slower let me finish my shower anyone want to rape her she now in wv I sent the address to several now

Dec 19, 2020

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  • Call the cops

  • Send your fat wife my way. I think fat women are fun!

  • She might be ugly looking at her face by you. But don't judge by face only, she must have better assets dowbn below!

  • You are an absolute piece of s*** whos probably never been laid let alone married!

  • OP is that bitter black dude who wishes he had been born a white woman and has never touched an actual female, black white or any other race

  • Trade her in for some basic English courses and work on that basement level IQ

  • Stupid people need that rich fantasy life so they can tell themselves they qualify as human beings

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