Party, Party, Party.

A couple friends and I go to this huge outdoor concert every year in a valley near by, Buddy borrows his dads huge toy hauler camper and we set up in the party zone and it is always a blast, lots of people just randomly come by and drink and so on, One thing we always do is bring Moly, Lots of Moly and we just slip it to whoever, This past year was the best year yet in my opinion.
First night we had a girl come into our site and she was s*** faced, Mid to late 20's blah, Blah. She was blabbering on and on and then passed out at our table, We tried to wake her up but she was out so we took her panties and bra and moved her to a lawn chair but left her fully exposed, Legs open and her t-shirt was see through, Probably 50-75 people seen her and a ton took pictures. Before the end of the night we were getting ready to crash and 3 of us had a c********** on her face then picked up the chair and carried her to the middle of the road a few sites down and left her there spread eagle, She was gone when I got up.
Second night was the best, We had these 4 M.I.L.F.'s and a younger girl stop by our site, they were walking past and buddy said something so they came into our site, 2 kinda average but hot, 2 kinda chubby but one had huge t*** and the younger one was not really attractive but a hot chubby girl body, They were all pretty drunk except the younger girl who was just quiet and whatever, We soon learned she was the daughter of the chubby milf with huge t***, We offered drinks and they of course accepted, Buddy topped them up with Moly and even the younger girl had a beer.
It didn't take long before we could notice they were starting to get more flirty and more touchy feely, We had found throught alking to them that three were married, The big t*** chubby was single and her daughter had a boyfriend. My buddy had moved in on the chubby milf and I was working her daughter while my other friend was working on the two good looking milfs, The other chubby one was just kinda bitchy and whatever and kept saying "Let's go, Lets go" but the rest all wanted to stay. My buddy told the big t*** milf he wanted to show her something inside and it wasn't long before we could tell the camper was shaking, We all had a bit of a chuckle especially since her daughter was there and the two good looking milfs were having a good laugh, The other chubby one stomped off to go back to their site.
Me and the daughter go for a little walk and make out a bit behind my truck, I drop my shorts and she is super shy about it, I do eventually get her handling it then I talk her into giving it a little suck, I knew she wasn't going to do it for long so I was just planning to dump a quick load in her mouth but she quit before I could even do that, We went back and sat down and the other two were sitting very close and talking, I handed out round two of B&M's and sat back to watch.
After a little bit I started flirting with the two married milfs and they weren't too into me but I managed to get them to kiss a little and then got the one to show her b****, Not bad, Small and saggy but not bad, Eventually the daughter kind of got a little bit jealous I think that I wasn't paying her a lot of attention and drug me off behind my truck again, I bent her over and pounded her, She had amazing thick legs, Super tight, and she had pretty big t***, We went back after I gave her a load and then me and my buddy started back in on the milfs, My buddy and I were able to get all three to show us their b**** but then the one milf, the hottest of the group, Short, sexy brunette said "Haaaayyyy...Your mom will kill you", She just giggled and I reached over jiggling her b****, Hottie milf said "Dude, 16".
Well...I uh...yeah, I didn't expect that but hottie milf and average milf go back to kissing, I look at the daughter and say "F***...Really?", She just goes Pffft, The daughter was quite interested in the milfs kissing and my buddy kept pushing more and more and had them full on making out then average milf got topless, She had small saggy b**** but not bad. Hottie milf wanted to go inside, The back end of buddy's camper is a fold down patio and then the back toy hauler room is wide open but with the beds all folded down its one big bed. We moved inside and closed the curtain which is still see through but it made hottie milf feel better.
I swear to god it took about 10 minutes and average milf is peeling off hottie milfs denim shorts and they are full on, Average milf wastes no time and flops hottie milfs legs open, She had a perfect p****, , Bald, Small, pink and clean, No p*** flaps, Average milf pulled her hair back then goes down on her, Hottie milf peels off her own top, Sadly she had UGLY b****, Small, Saggy, Wrinkly, Ugly saggy nips and they looked like two old saggy water ballons that had been full for years then dumped out. She had big, dark Jube, jube looking nips though, Big, fat, Hard and wrinkly, they were about the size of the end of my thumb and stood about half an inch high or so, When she laid on her back it was just some wrinkly flabby skin topped with these big ugly nips but man o man, She loved having them abused, Pulled, Twisted, Flicked and pinched, So weird.
So hottie milf is on her back, Buddy is kneeling over her face and she is ball sucking, Average milf is on her knees going down on hottie milf and I take off average milfs shorts and she looked alright, Just little pink p*** flaps hanging out and a racing stripe of pubes with a little brown but hole. I am licking and fingering and playing with average milf and the daughter gets my pants off, She is sucking me and I spin around, Strip her right down, She is kinda dark skinned, Maybe part native, Brunette, Slightly chubby, Big b**** with big brown nips, Big brown p*** flaps hanging down and I flop her on the bed beside hottie milf.
Buddy shuffled over and stuffed his d*** in the daughters mouth and we started tagging her, Hottie milf isn't paying any attention but I take average milfs hand and put it on my b****, Soon she is groping and rubbing me and the daughter, She is doing the roundy round on the daughters but hole because I am holding her legs up, I pull out of the daughter and buddy takes my spot, I get average milf to spin around and get them into a sixty nine, I slide into average milf from behind and hottie milf is working my b**** and average milfs c***, Buddy pulls out of the daughter and stuffs it in hottie milf, The daughter gets on her knees beside hottie milf and me and her kiss while I bang average milf, I take hottie milfs hand, The daughter spreads her legs and I put hottie milfs hand on her p****, She starts rubbing and fingering her friends daughter.
We are all rolling around and switching and we get average milf and hottie milf back into the sixty nine, with hottie milf on top, I get the daughter behind her and she is shaking her head no but I bend her over and rest her head on hottie milfs ass, Slide my d*** in her and then grab her by the hair and twist her head to the side and shove her face in hottie milfs p****, She broke, Her brain or something broke and soon she is slobbering and drooling all over hottie milfs p****, Kissing average milf and the two of them work her over while I pound the daughter. My buddy comes over and we spit roast the daughter for a while and then he looks at me and nods, I shrug and we double pump a load in each end of her.
The daughter gags and chokes and we keep going just pumping her full, It's dripping out both ends and when we finally let her sit she is gasping and gagging and wiping come off everything, Average milf starts to come so i grab her nips and stroke them like I am milking a cow, When she finished she rolled over and I shoved my d*** in hottie milf before she could come to her senses, Her face is all wet from average milfs p**** and buddy shoves his d*** in her mouth, I hold my hand out for the daughter and she takes it, I pull her close and push her head down to suck hottie milfs nipple, Hottie milf starts to buck her hips and then had a full body quiver session moaning loudly with buddies d*** in her mouth, She jerks him hard and fast and then he slpas her hand away, strokes it and moans, I dump a load in her p**** and we all collapse.
Everyone gets dressed and it is super awkward for a long time, Hottie milf says she is going to get her friend, Goes to the front bedroom and they are passed out, She wakes her friend up and they all leave but hottie milf and average milf are still all over each other, The daughter asks if she can stay for a bit longer and her mom is like F to the NO and they leave. I get up in the morning and I am like "Ok, F*** this...We have to go...NOW", We have a quick talk about the fact me and buddy nailed the daughter and sent her home chalk full of DNA so we hurreidly pack up and bolt.
I think next year we will have to take a different camper, All shave our heads and camp in the old people quite zone.

Dec 19, 2020

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  • My buddy knocked up his wife at one of these having a three way with her and a friend when she was 15, they had to pretend not to know each other until she turned 18.

  • We go to one every year also and my buddies wife always gets trashy w**** drunk and I know of at least 3 other guys who have nailed her after she stumbles to bed and he wanders off to get some strange, I know for a fact he doesn't know and I don't even think she remembers it. Twice I have taken her top off and came on her big floppy t***.

  • If I am thinking of the same place it is a party of debauchery and STI's. Great place.

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