My husband spanks me

I married him agreeing to getting my bare bottom spanked for discipline. And there have been times that yes even over his knee. For example. I got a ticket texting and driving and I paid the price across my sore butt for sure. My husband said, you know that what you did was wrong! And now you must be disciplined for it, you could have hurt people by your actions or I took my clothes off and he used his belt that had the holes in it that he said was the most effective and I must admit he was right I couldn't touch a seat for a couple days. Those swats with me bent over and he whipped me but good. My bottom deserved it. I also got it the next day just to make sure he said I never do it again and he added the brush with the belt to my behind. Trust me I shut the phone off. Thank u my sweet husband for teaching my back side not to text and drive again.

Dec 21, 2020

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  • Spanking is a good way to keep a healthy marriage. I spanked my wife this morning with a belt for her maintenance spanking and then she spanked me with the same belt for talking about wanting to sleep with her mom and relieving myself with pictures of her mom. I have had a fantasy for several years about my mother in law and it’s caused problems with my wife and I but the spanking is helping me not have those desires as often.

  • My first girlfriend loved to get spanked and dominated. I didn't know what I had as I haven't been with another since

  • What a wonderful wife you are. I offer my compliments for your understanding of how discipline leads to greater trust, respect, love, security and happiness.

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