Getting the belt at 19

When I was ten my mom married my stepdad Kenny who was 18 years older than my mom and had already raised three kids of his own. His children were all successful and still close to him and Kenny convinced mom that his kids did such good because he used corporal punishment on them until they left the home bare bottom with a belt folded over. So the day they were married Kenny sat down with mom and me and started going over all of his rules and the consequences were all getting the belt and it was only two days later that mom told him I was being disrespectful so he took me to a spare bedroom In the basement he had set up just to punish me In and mom was present and assisted me in removing all my clothes which was totally humiliating and get into position laying on the bed on my stomach. Kenny then asked me why I was being punished and I said for being disrespectful to mom and he said I would get twenty licks if I held still. Mom ended up having to hold my feet down and i received 21 licks that left my butt covered with best stripes and welts. This went on until I left home at 19 usually about twice a month.

May 18, 2021

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  • Damn. That deserves some revenge. He’s probably old now so you can probably take him on. Restrain him and then beat the h*** out of him and constantly repeat things like “this hurts me more than you” and other cliches. Do it for a few days and then walk away with the warning that if said anything the beatings will get worse.

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