I'm a witch

My husband was raised Southern Baptist and his family are all very religious and strict within the church. They think we are too but my husband is an agnostic and I'm a practicing witch. We live in the Bible Belt of the south and they'd disown me if they knew about my pagan beliefs.

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  • Who's telling anyone to hide their superstitious beliefs?
    You're the only one crying about "having to hide beliefs".

    It's not acceptable to ostracize any one sect/cult more than any other. I'm fair on all of them.
    They're all bullshit.

    Admittedly, some are crazier than others, but they're all bullshit.

  • Maybe so but does that mean it's more acceptable to ostracize people for one superstition than another?
    Oh, right - of course I don't get it because you, ignorant a****** that you are, assume everyone else is ignorant.
    I get it. But I don't get why the woman who posted this confession should have to hide her beliefs because they don't fit with the wider beliefs of mainstream society.

  • ^ You don't get it, do you?
    No. Of course you don't.

    ALL religions are superstitions.

  • The ignorance of some of these comments alone shows why some people have to hide their religious beliefs.

  • A witch? LOL

    Go ahead... turn me into a newt.

  • ^Wow for an open minded person, you sure seem like a bigot.

  • Common problem with pagans. We have to keep a low profile because all these \\"decent God-Fearing Christians\\" would murder us in our sleep if they found out. Bloodthirsty bunch, these Christians - they won't hesitate to torture and kill anyone who worships any deity but theirs. Monotheism is the source of most of today's problems because it makes people think that they have the right to commit any crime or atrocity in order to silence those who think differently from them.

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