Cash creek

This is about the first time David shared me wit another guy.

After our children left home for some reason David turned into a s** maniac and we would have s** several times a day at first and to tell the truth I was having a ball to we tried any things and David brought up many different things to try and I was willing I new that this would get old sometime and we would settle down so when he wanted to blindfold me and tie me to the bed and pretend that he was going to let another guy have me god I was surprised at how erotic that as and I was surprised at how I reacted to it.

He would tie me up and tell me he had another guy waiting outside and he was going to bring him in and let him f*** me as he fingered me and squeezed my b****** and then he would stop and walk out I knew that this wasn't real but laying thee defenseless naked with my legs tied to the bed rollers but it was exciting to.
When he came back in all quiet never saying a word I was always excited and knowing that it was him but still the doubt as I laid there and he would torture me by lightly running his fingers over my b****** and pubic area and I could hear him breathing but not a word as my excitement grew then he would mount me without a word and we would have s** with him whispering i my ear that someday it would really happen and my o***** were always very powerful.

He even did this a couple times when we went to cash creek so this time when he suggested we go up for the Friday night I was pleased because we hadn't been there for months by then and I got a kick out of watching him pack our Velcro cuffs and light cotton ropes knowing that he was gong to have some fun to so we checked in had dinner then we changed clothes and went down stairs to gamble.

I like the Nickle one armed bandit and I started playing I missed the old style where you actually used money but this was still fun to and during the evening David would stop by to see how I was and talk for awhile then go back to his cards or whatever he liked to play and leave me to my machine.

I had several drinks by 1 A.M. and I was ready to quit when he came up and said bedtime so I cashed out and we went upstairs and when I saw him start to unpack his ropes I laughed and said hon I am really kind of tires but he said I have a guy waiting hon and I went along with it and said OK and I undressed wanting nothing more than to sleep but I let him tie me up and blindfold me then he fingered me until I was wet and he said I will be right back and he left I laid there trying to stay awake not wanting to spoil his fun but my eyes closed and I drifted off but came awake when I heard the door open I heard the door close and all was silent until I heard David say there she is and another voice said Wow she is beautiful.

I came all the way awake now and I demanded David what s gong on and I started to struggle as they almost whispered and I heard David tell the guy it's ok she knows that someday I would do this go ahead I was cussing and struggling when I felt the bed give and his hand on my thigh then his finger was inside of me and slowly at first he started fingering me then he moved faster and faster I was helpless as with his other hand he was pinching my nipples and it hurt but David knows that a little pain sets me off.

Then I fell back knowing that it was useless to struggle and the bed gave more ad he stood and I heard his cloths rustle as he undressed all I could think about was he did it he really did it again the bed gave and I felt him above me god I was scared but excited ow to wondering what he looked like and I struggled trying to get my mask off as tis guy held himself above me and I felt his c*** head against my flesh then he was rubbing his c*** head up and down between my p**** lips and he said she is really wet and I could hear David's heavy breathing just feet away and David said raise up I want to see your c*** go in her and the guy shifted and his c*** head almost went in me before he pulled back then Davis said OH yea go ahead and f*** her and I felt him slip inside of me.

He was bigger than David's 5 1/2 inches and I felt him stretch me some and it felt good then he was f****** me and I was responding to him I felt wild now and I was moaning and doing my best to respond I wanted to wrap my arms and legs around him but all I could do was lay there the friction felt fantastic and I felt his hot breath on my breast then his mouth on y breath as he began to gently chew on my nipple I was very excited now and I didn't care all I wanted was to o***** and when that came I heard myself say bite me and he did as I came but he didn't even slow down he just kept thrusting into me and I came a second time before I hear him grunt and his thrusts became hard thrusts then he stopped moaning deep n his throat and I felt his c*** swell up then he pulsed several times grunting then he stopped and I felt his c*** still pulsing he made several more thrusts Then his c*** pulsed again and he laid down n top of me and I could feel his hot breath against my cheek for a long time and I laid there until I realized that it had actually happened and I began to laugh now really pleases with myself for making him c**.
He dressed and left and I never did find out who he was David tried to find him the next morning but he was gone.

Dec 23, 2020

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  • My wife and i often roleplay . saying im someone else or she is . its fun but i always wanted real . i noticed she had crush on young co worker of mine and one night blindfolded i using a toy on her i told her to imagine im someone else .i could see her turned on . i said i know who ur thinking off .who .who . i said if i say u promise u admit if im right . so i played bit more and i said ur thinking of marc . she went bit quite for sec then said yes i am . i fingered her and she loving it start calling out oh marc . wow . i wnt down on her . licking her p**** .she pulled my head in oh marc omg marc . c****** in my mouth . i was rock hard my c*** slid inside her f****** her everyway i could till i exploded .one we thinking of turning fantasy to real

  • Such a hot and h**** experience

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