Young Sweet Filipina

I went the the Philippines with my girlfriend and she is Filipina so she has family there so that is who we stayed with. Anyways we are there a week already and her brother his wife and two kids. Denise is 11 she was shy at first but she opened up anyway we are sharing the living area with them so i make good friends with her family now Denise she liked always being a good girl she would always say good morning to me with a cute smile I would always greet her back one day he started playing a game as she liked to run up and tap me when i wasn't looking and run off giggling. I saw her as she came she taped me I quickly reached around and i tapped
her back right but on her tiny little butt as she ran off she looked back at me giggling I smiled and winked at her. I started to like this game more as she now started to let me tap her back as she wait for me to tap her butt before she would run off. I started to feel she wanted me to tap her butt as she would tap me then giggling as she loved to but then she started to pop her little butt out back at me waiting for my tap after a week of this game i had to tell her to don't pop your butt at me around her parents especially not my girlfriend her Aunty i said they wouldn't like if they saw you pop you butt out for and wait for me tap your lil butt never ever i told her as i gave her cute lil self 20 peso for candy I asked her if she understands she smiled and said yes uncle as she took the money I popped her on her lil ass hard making a lil smack sound she let out a lil moan as she rubbed her butt walking off i felt like a creep weirdo but liked it. Our final week there I was really into going for walks just sneak off and Denise would always follow catch up to me with a tap as she put her small hand in my pocket and tug my p**** a few times quickly pulls her hand out giggling i look around quickly now no one around now after a few weeks Im loving her attention on me now as we were a few blocks away from the house near the beach we duck under a small little bridge our secret spot for a week now. Under the bridge in secret she likes to jump on my chest trying to push me down now she is just under 4" tall weighs 60ish pounds as she pounces on me she loves to kiss kiss kiss so i showed her how to French she would lay on me id grab her little butt firmly pull her little tiny body to me id grab her little head and pony tail in hand pulling her face to mine we would make out she was so sloppy the first time as i started to massage her little tiny tounge she quickly did the same she would make little sexy noises for me. As we started our naughty secret playing in our spot the first few days i felt so weird and dirty for secretly grabbing her butt touching her little body through her clothes i loved to pinch her little tiny nipples making then hard a pointy as I flick on them then make her pull her shirt tightly to her chest showing me her little out lines with her pointy nipples always smiling for me right before we started making out little Denise loved this the most she would really be getting into this as we made out I would always get rock hard as soon as she jumped up but I didn't ever force her to do anything. After a few days of just kissing and touching i started to make her feel me as we made out the 4 day I sat up with her on my chest letting her slid down onto my hard d*** she quickly jumped moving herself to my side I guess she landed on her p**** and was overwhelmed she looked up at me and then felt my hard d*** in her hand its different than before she said why its so hard now she said in her Filipina accent looking into my eyes as she is grabbing and squeezing me. After i explained a very little to her she instantly liked the idea that only she makes it get hard when we make out and play naughty. She waited holding me in her tiny hands sure enough as I got soft she jumped on me again rough kissing me hard and sloppy made my c*** hard as f*** again she noticed sliding down to rest herself on my c*** i started to work her little hips slowly in a circle motion pushing up into her clothed pekpek she pulled away but after 20 more minutes of making out and grinding she was doing it all by herself grinding my d*** into her clothed p**** i start feeling wet then minutes later I was soaking wet she made herself so wet she soaked through her thin shorts all the way through my swimming pants she wouldn't stop making out with me for another 20 minutes finally she stopped looked at me breathing hard and said Maha Kita got off and felt herself soaking then saw the mess she maid on me and quickly said sorry I told her never that sweetie you did so absolutely great i whispered into her ear and said i love you Denise i want you as my wife one year soon she giggled kissed me quickly again got up as she jumped into the water to clean her sticky self off and ran home. I stayed and pulles my shorts off grabbing my c*** as im sucking her off my shorts she is delicious So Damn Delicious Tasting OMG as I finally bust a fat nut i dreamed it was inside Denise. As i made it home i walk my way the shower its quite inside until Denise popped out from behind the closed shower door she just finished well as she saw me and i saw her she was completely naked i quickly looked around no one around probably at the market i looked back at her and said wow as she said what getting defensive i see it your tiny little slit as I pointed she quickly covered with her hand just stared at her naked lil body she still covered I told her to quickly squat down bowing her little legs out she hesitated looked around i said no one she quickly smiled and did as told wanting to show me herself i told her how to use her pointing finger in that position lick the finger of choice to rub herself on her tiny little c*** she did as I watched her she started makin noises as she touched herself after 10 minutes or so i told her to stop in fear of family coming home and seeing her being naughty with me watching she quickly finished up giggling with her cute lil smile i told her to get dressed but before that i walked over to her and asked if she could lift her leg up over to her head like a dancing or gymnastics girl could a lil confused i walked to her naked body lifted her right leg holding her body steady i lifted her leg to the 9 o clock position then to looking into her eyes I pushed more and she lifted her leg up to the 1030 position she was so flexible I held her there seeing her strain i quickly leaned over into her p**** holding her there I quickly licked her several times sucking her c*** out softly as I lay my tounge into her as deep as it would go licking her tasting her loving her she started shivering in pleasure as she starts to produce her c** i taste it instantly i pull back flick her c*** quickly with my finger as she starts convulsing shaking i see her finally start dripping as she is pushing little bits of white c** up passed her hymen take one more deep hard lick eating everything she worked up for me enjoying the moment then I hear keys trying to open the front door i quickly say hurry get clothed as I wrap a towel around her dont run walk normally they know nothing baby doll as i slip into the shower she continues to her area to get clothed as i switch on the shower i hear her family greet her ask how she is as i shower my guilt off. We continue to play under the bridge until i have to leave 5 days later we never f*** she only would lay on my chest with her little p**** in my face for me to eat lick as i pleasure her p**** I eat her a****** out tounge f****** her ass loving how her a****** tasted with her p**** I finally slid my finger into her a****** single fingering the s*** out of her hole she finally took my c*** into her mouth as i pleasured her she delivered for me finally with her sucking my d*** as i tell her exactly how i want her sucking and licking my shaft she tells me that I'm peeing a little i say no its different baby doll you suck that out of me enjoying my precum after another 10 minutes i tell her keep sucking my head hard get yourself something delicious keep going yes baby yes baby oh yes as i finally start slowly cumin she taste it looks back and says you been keeping this from me this whole time shut up keep sucking baby doll as i feel it flood up I grabb her head lock her in position as I release my whole load I hear her gaging struggling to swallow my load as i hold her in place i tell her not to drink it all bit to keep a mouth full for me i busted a fat ounce or more for her as i slapped her little ass hard leaving my hand print on her she looks back at me i spin her around to face me as I sit her up i say how's that mouth full she grunts as I smile and tell her how to show me open up cup your tounge stick it out as far as you can showing me my c** you just sucked out of me i run my hand throughout her hair I tell her to swallow baby doll she does as she is telling me she wants more now I cant stop her she starts to go again so do i her on the for hours she made me c** 6 times in a row she ate every last drop good girl i tell her as i make out with her one last time then send her home honestly the best suck I ever had did exactly like I wanted that it our last day together i told her im coming back just for her im waiting a few years even tho I could marry her legally when she is 12 in Philippines I have to get her family to consent tho that wouldn't be the issue its staying there till she is legal to bring back to the USA as my wife.


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  • Better watch out. S** with an 11 year old is a crime that will get you in jail for many years in the Philippines.

  • He might also be worried about the little girl's father and friends beating the s*** of him after tying him to a tree in the jungle. LOL.

  • I love it.

  • What to say? happy you, fantasy or reality?

  • Are you for real?

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