I have had enough

Although I was initially intrigued to learn about what people had to confess, after reading slightly more than a dozen confessions, I have had it, that stories that I have come across here are so disturbing that I cannot take it anymore, out of all of the authors of the posts that I have read, 'most' of them are weirdos, with questionable backgrounds

I have no intention of ever coming back again

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  • Then go away. No one asked for your judgemental opinion. Probably because of twisted crap in your own sorry pathetic life

  • F*** off then !

  • Ok so f****** leave. No one cares about your opinion

  • We are not weirdos just s** lovers and we admit it to be in peace with ourselves. we seek s** and we get it in any form it comes.

  • The only reason I come here is to dunk on people who need it, because the alternative is going urban hunting. This past year in particular has really shown me how many useless idiots are breathing my air. If I were any less mellow than I am, I would have made headline news by now. Just keep pushing me, retards. F uck around and find out.

  • Oooooh, scary coming from a little boi in his p***** stained barny tidy whites. Be careful karma is a real b****.. BOI

  • Good bye...

  • Hear Hear!

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