I feel sorry.....

So my neighbor lost his wife a few months ago, and I feel somsorry for him. Hes in his 40s I think. And one day I heard him crying from the hallway. So I decided to knock and see what was up. I came in and we chatted, even though I did most of 5he talking. He's had such a rough time, and all this happening during covid. I went home and grabbed some drinks from my place and we hung out last night. Nobody should be alone on new years. So we chilled for a bit and played some card games and had a few drinks.
Then he started to get sad and talk about his wife, I felt so sorry and sad for him I just leaned into him and said it will get better one day and kissed him. He hesitated a bit then kissed me back. Now I've never been with and older man before, im 26 btw. But I felt like he needed it, so I told him to lean back and relax I got on my knees infront of him and unzipped his pants. And boy was he packin. He said indidnt have to do this. And that he didn't need pity. I told him no I want to and got right to it. Took him a bit to get hard, had to pull out all my tricks. In the end I'm basiclynfacefucking myself and then jerking him of and told him I want to be his bad girl. And I jerked him till he came all over my face. I havnt seem him since last night. But I think I should go over again. Any one have any thoughts of what I should do???

Jan 1, 2021

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  • Keep doing it if you enjoy it. If you wanna be his bad girl then be it. I'm sure he can teach you

  • Enjoy yourself so long as both of you are into it.

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