S** in a cafe

I worked across the road from a guy who owned a cafe and over the years, I developed a crush on him. Found out later he got into a relationship. I ended up leaving my job, thus not seeing him on a daily basis. One night I visited my old job to say hi and I noticed the barista was still at the cafe. I messaged him to jokingly ask why he was still there so late to which he told me to come say hi to him.
It was innocent to begin with, he had a girlfriend but the longer we spoke, the more intimate secrets were spilling such as what was an apparent mutual crush. We pondered on ‘what could have been’.
And then he asked to see me naked, to see what he was missing. This took me aback but we were alone in a closed cafe and a thrill of excitement came over me. He said he would get naked too. It was awkward but I knew where it would head and I really wanted to f*** him. He pulled me into the kitchen where no one could see us from the outside and we began to strip our clothes away. He stood there staring at my naked body and then came in closer, he seemed to be at war with himself, wondering whether he should go through with what he wanted. He did. He kissed me, sliding his tongue into my mouth as he caressed every part of my naked body. He then put me up on the kitchen bench where he started eating me out. It was amazing to be with someone I’d longed for for so long. He then put his hard c*** into my p**** and f***** me, knowing full well that he was now officially a cheater. He didn’t last long before coming over my p**** and stomach. We f***** twice more after that encounter but eventually I told him to focus on his relationship but at least I will always hold on to those memories.

Jan 2, 2021

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