I've taken my brothers place

I've got an older brother who now moved away but before he did he said i should start spending time with our aunt.when i asked why all he said was you will see and you won't regret it.I never had a clue what he meant but never had to wait long to find out,in september i texts messaged my aunt to make sure it was ok to come round and when i was near her house she messaged to say the door is open and that she's upstairs.when i got there i went upstairs to find her dressing gown.she was different to me she said you no you're brother messaged to say you might turn up and im happy for you to take his place,I was still in the dark to why and she told me it all,for 3 years my aunt started off giving him wanks then s******* him,I only popped round in my lunch break and i was being asked to drop my trousers,I didn't care all i was thinking was it saves me doing it to myself,I sat on the side of her bed and layed back and let her get to work.i already had a hard-on and before she wanked me off she said to me i don't think this will last long,it was embarrassing i didn't last more than 10 seconds and c**,my aunt was cool about it though practice makes perfect she said,I've just managed to last longer and now we moved to her dry humping me in just her knickers and i get to exited and it's over quickly,I want to have s** with her but she won't let me yet until i turn 16.

Dec 8

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  • When I was in college, I lived with my aunt and uncle in California. He was a highway patrolman, and on the evening shift.
    By the 3rd night I was there, she would come into my bedroom and use her hands to relieve me.
    She took off her top assist me in getting aroused is what she said, her idea was to get rid of the urges that might interfere with my studies.
    One entire semester was like that, almost every night except weekends when Uncle Mel was home.
    She was one of those types that always dressed to attract, big hair and makeup all of the time. I never saw her without it except once she was coming out of the shower wearing nothing. First totally shaved woman I ever saw.

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