I suppose I am a pervert

I am 77 now, using this site to do my own confessions. It doesn't even matter if no one ever reads it, I just need, at this stage of my life, to get some of this stuff off my chest.
Way back when I was young was likely where it started. My Mom used to bath me, no big deal until I reached puberty. My Dad was out of the picture and long gone by the time I was six. She always had, so she just kept on doing it and there came a time when I got erections, of course I did.
One time I sort of went off by myself, Mom just kept washing and told me not to worry, it was normal and I was just becoming a man.
It wasn't long before she began to help a little bit, then that progressed to her giving me a full blown hand job. One time I was not getting real excited, so she opened her robe and showed me her b******. She told me I could suck on them if I wanted to, because she had let me nurse as a baby so it was OK. I did, and I really liked doing that while she played with me to a climax.
Then one day she used her mouth on me, no worries about Dad catching us, he had been long gone for years, all he did was send me a check at Christmas and for my birthday.
I was 18 when she come in fully naked, bathed me and then told me we could do it differently, so I lost my virginity to my mother. I liked seeing her fully naked and I wanted everyone to see her like that, but that never happened. . So, when I had girl friends, I always looked for the ones that were more willing than most. I had a lot of them that would have nothing more to do with me after they found out what I liked, but about one out of ten or so were up for most anything. Every wife I ever had has f***** in front of me, and my one good friend Bobby f***** all four of them, and a couple of my dates. He was married for awhile and let me f*** her too.
So yes, I am a pervert, I know it and don't mind it one bit.

Jan 4

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  • What a load of nonsense

  • I love it as well, good on you to share

  • I love family s**

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