stealing on the job

i work in a pharmacy and i steal pain meds and xanax all the time. i used to sell a lot of it ($200-$300 a week), but now i just get drunk with my friends and "share the wealth". i want to stop, but the s*** feels so good.

Jul 8, 2010


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  • Very chancey. Friend of mine was a pharm tech, and got a thrill from stealing stuff. At first, it was harmless or not noticeable stuff like nail polish, makeup, and those little disposable digital cameras. No big deal, and, she'd even wear the nail polish she stole as a slap in the face, like, ha ha, I got away with it.

    One night, though, she took pain meds and almost got caught. Fired, but the manager couldn't prove it was her, only that she was the only one working while it disappeared. She took a bartending job, and I'd go see her there. My back was acting up one night, and she told me "go to my car and get my purse", so I did. What did she pull out of it? Bottle of pain meds.

  • I'd do it too if I had the guts.... sometimes I steal my brothers meds.. but he abuses them anyways! so I guess its good (for him) that I take some away from time to time..

  • Yeah, you'll feel great -- until the next time the state or an insurance company does an inventory and they discovered all the missing CSA drugs are missing, and one day you go to work to find the DEA waiting for you ...

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