Caught by the pizza boy!!

Hubby and I got a weekend away from the kids and went to get a motel room. Since having the kids we don't get to play our spanking and D/s games too often so we packed up a few things looking forward to a weekend of fun. So long story short. Hubby had me in a black leather garter belt with stockings, high heels, ankles hobbled, blindfold and a ball gag. He's written on me with a black sharpie "grab my t***" on my chest, "C***" on my stomach, and "f*** my ass" with an arrow to the back on my thigh. Before we got really started, there's a knock on the door and hubby announces pizzas here! Then led me to the door. Hubby said after he opened the door (he'd be behind it) I had to stand there a few minutes until he tapped my arm so I could take off the blindfold. So hubby stands behind the door and flings it open and I'm standing almost bare ass naked, nervous as anything. (We've never played voyeur stuff before). It felt like a million years till hubby touches my elbow and I know I was to take the blindfold off. Imagine my embarrassment when I pull off the blindfold and when I finally meet his eyes, I realize the pizza delivery guy is our pastor's son. I tried to grab the door to shut it but hubby (still behind it) held it tight and open. I'm paralyzed because of my hobbled ankles. The pastor's son, Ben, just stands there dumbfounded at first staring at my t***, then came back to reality and tried to just reach in and past me to put the pizza on the chair which only resulted in his face being inches from my nipples as he bent and reached in. The pizza barely made it to the table and Ben says "It's on the house" and ran off but he turned around twice more and hubby was laughing his ass off, until he found out what happened. I think we need to change churches!

Oct 20

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  • At a swingers party my lady and I attended several years ago, the hosts ordered pizza and three of the ladies answered the knock of the delivery man totally nude. He was very surprised and a good sport. He came in we took some pics of him posing with the ladies. He asked if he could join the party when he got off. The female half of the host couple said he was welcome if he brought a date. He didn't but we did see him again on other party days delivering pizza to us.

  • I would get my wife to do it again and if the same kid delivered the pizza I would invite him in. Then I would offer my wife to the young man and most likely she would be his first sexual partner.

  • Will you do it again? Answer the door like that?

  • No we'll never do that again. Scared the s*** out of both of us.

  • That’s so funny.

    Only thing better would have been if the pastor’s kid began to suck on your b******. That would have been amazing.

    If that happened I would have had him stay and ride him for his tip.

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